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Paul Streitz

John McCain Tanked the 2008 Election
By Paul Streitz
Dec 29, 2008 - 3:45:26 PM

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Senator John McCain tanked the 2008 Election. Despite the fact that he was doing everything in his power to lose, he came amazingly close to winning. The 2008 election was not a vote of confidence for Barack Obama. For the most part, it was a rejection of the person John McCain and the policies he supported.

John McCain's life history is a story of a aggressive troubled youth, followed by an aggressive troubled adolescence, followed by an aggressive troubled stay at the Naval Academy followed by an aggressive troubled history as a pilot, followed by an aggressive troubled marriage (infidelity and tossing his crippled first wife aside), followed by an aggressive troubled career as a Republican U.S. Senator.

John McCain's forte in life is blowing things up. He was at his height when the task as hand was actually to blow things up in the service of his country. This is the occupation of an attack pilot with a plane loaded with bombs.

John McCain followed his career path in the U.S. Senate by reaching across the aisle to blow up the United States and the Republican Party with it. He is the co-author of the infamous McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act, which effectively limited free speech in federal political campaigns.

However, to top that, he became the co-sponsor of the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill, which would have effectively blown-up the United States with unlimited immigration.

John McCain was the only one left standing as the Republican nominee for President. No one really voted for him. If they pulled the lever for McCain, they were doing so because they may have hoped he would not serve out his term and Gov. Sarah Palin would become President. Alternatively, they pulled the lever because they so disliked Barack Hussein Obama.

John McCain never experienced a day on this planet as a mature, responsible adult. There is no reason to think that he could have been anything but an erratic, irresponsible dunderhead as President of the United States. His faults would have been magnified under the glare of the spotlight.

John McCain wants the spotlight but not the responsibility that goes with being President. He would rather be the center of attention on the Jay Leno show, than the center of attention of a hostile press corps criticizing his every move.

Whatever Obama's faults, he has a coherent plan of what he wanted to do, if elected President. That plan was to move the United States as far to the progressive left as possible. Nevertheless, Obama is no fool. He displayed none of the character weaknesses of other African-American politicians such as overt corruption or womanizing.

John McCain never had any consistent plan of what he would do if he became President because he never wanted to be President. It was the "John McCain Show" and nothing beyond that. Therefore, he did everything possible to repel is base of voters, repel possible swing voters and blow up his candidacy.

He went to Michigan and declared the virtues of free trade to out-of-work autoworkers. They must have been thunder struck. Shock and awe. McCain could have said something compromising, like, "we should take a thorough look at our trade programs to make sure they benefit American workers." He did no such thing.

Then, he told Americans that he "heard" them about immigration and appointed Reconquista Mexicans to his campaign staff. He ignored the issue throughout his campaign. On that issue alone, he could have won the election.

When Obama's unsavory relations with virulent anti-American leftists in Chicago became news, John McCain pulled the plug on attacking his democratic rival.

When the Wall Street bailout was proposed, McCain called off the debate. Pretended he was going to do something in Washington. (70% of the American people did not want the bailout.) McCain had previously criticized Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. He was in a perfect position to be a champion of the American workers. He stepped out of the ring.

After the election, the first thing he did was pander to President-elect Obama. And go on the David Letterman show to get back in the spotlight. Well, his usefulness to the Democratic media is now over and John McCain will seldom see his name gracing the front page of the New York Times.

John McCain can now retire to wherever disgraced Republicans retire. Perhaps, he can buy a home next to George Bush.

Most likely, the Republicans in the Senate (excluding McCain) will present a united front in stopping any of the more egregious legislation that Obama will bring forth. (Such as a bill making all abortions legal or a massive amnesty). But, the nation will have to endure swinging the nation radically leftward through Obama's appointments for judges, non-enforcement of immigration laws and the most left-wing interpretation of all rules, laws and regulations.

Woodrow Wilson was elected because Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt split the Republican vote. He was the most radical, left-wing President ever. History forgets his disastrous eight years in office.

After promising to keep American out of war, he promptly pushed the United States into World War I in his second term. He instituted the Palmer raids against American radicals, started the Federal Reserve in 1913 and implemented the income tax. His failures to secure a meaningful treaty for Germany after World War I set the stage for World War II. After the chaos of eight years of Wilson, Warren G. Harding won with the largest margin of victory since the beginning of the popular vote. He won on a platform of a return to "normalcy."

John McCain tanked the 2008 Election. Whether his election would have been a blessing or a curse on the American people is subject to debate. We can only be thankful that he brought Gov. Sarah Palin into the spotlight.

Mr. Streitz was a Minuteman on the Arizona border in 2005. He is a co-founder of CT Citizens for Immigration Control and twice ran for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Connecticut. He is a co-founder of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, which is a registered Draft Committee with the Federal Election Commission (

He has written The Great American College Tuition Rip-off, Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I and America First: Why Americans Must End Free Trade, Stop Outsourcing and Close Out Open Borders.

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Paul Streitz
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