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Paul Streitz

Islam: The West Must Disconnect
By Paul Streitz
Mar 17, 2007 - 1:45:47 PM

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Western countries must disconnect from the Islamic world, or they will destroy themselves. They should have no Muslim immigrants, visitors, business, or students enter their countries. Further they should remove all its troops from Arab countries and discontinue meddling in the internal affairs of Muslim nations. They must either deport Muslims or offer them such great incentives that they will leave of their own accord.

Here is a dictionary definition of fascism:

"A political philosophy, movement, or regime (one could add religion) that exalts nation and often race (or religion) above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition." Websterís Dictionary (italics added)

Saying that Islam is a religion in the Western sense of the word is to say that a donkey is a horse. They are similar, but there are key differences.

Other religions promote the distinctiveness and importance of the individual. Christianity posits that each individual is unique, with responsibilities and will to do good or evil. Islam posits no such thing. For Muslims it is total submission to Allah and the will of Allah is determined by the clerics.

The Muslims were conquering and enslaving others before they found Allah, the moon goddess. It gave a religious patina to their tribal warfare, but by no means was the religion of Islam founded on any searching for ethical or moral principles. There are no ethical or moral principles accept total obedience to the will of Allah, which in reality is total obedience to whomever is in power.

To say that there are "moderate" Muslims is nonsense. Islam is nothing about moderation. To be a moderate Muslim is to be a pygmy elephant or a dwarf whale. It is a contradiction in terms. The great strength of Islam is its lack of moderation. It gives a chilling, cold purpose to millions. It gives a rationale to kill and to be martyred. If Islam became moderate it would accept Christians, Jews and other religions that offer a moderate, but successful, prosperous existence. Muslims want none of that.

What Muslims want is to conquer the west through psychological warfare and terrorism. They demand rights that they will not give others in their home countries. And are "offended" by every slight imaginable. This is reverse assimilation as the West changes its customs, habits and laws to accommodate people that despise their host countries.

Islamís history is 1300 years of constant warfare against all neighboring countries. When Islam is strong it attacks. When it is weak, it waits. When the trade routes across the Atlantic and into the Pacific were opened in the 1500ís, Islamís trade monopoly to China was lost and Islam went into a drastic decline. It the recent half-century, its geographic location on top of large oil reserves has invigorated it economically. It is again it is a political and military force with the intention of ruling the world.

Islam is well aware of the intellectual vulnerabilities of the West. Its first attack is to distort or disguise the truth of its intentions. Those who accurately describe Muslims and their religion are called Islamophobes, xenophobes or racists. This is true even when the critics are simply repeating back what is repeated in every Mosque in the world. (Islam is the true religion and it is the duty of every Muslim to force the world to accept Islam.)

By now, Westerners should be well aware of the progression of Islam into a country. It is as a political disease that has distinct stages:

  1. at low levels of immigration without causing any disruption of the host country;
  2. at moderate levels Muslims begin demanding that the host country stop being insulting, intolerant, etc.;
  3. at higher levels Muslims then demand special privileges such as special beach areas for its woman, refusal to abide by the customs of the host country, such as taxi drivers refusing to service passengers carrying alcohol from airports;
  4. start intimidating Jews with physical attacks;
  5. then terror attacks on the citizens to prove the government will not protect its citizens;
  6. then demand that any discussion of Muslim behavior be prohibited;
  7. then demand that Muslims not be subject to the host countryís laws but the laws of Islam;
  8. then demand or de facto establish Muslim only zones in the host country;
  9. finally, expand the Muslim only zones to take over the country. This is the final step (France is the closest to this.).

The United States has a schizophrenic policy of "Invite the Muslims-Invade the Muslims." The first Gulf War was a gigantic step in internationalist intervention to prevent Kuwait from being taken over by an Islamic secular dictatorship. It was the first kick of the tar baby to which the United States is still stuck.

Invading Afghanistan to remove the Taliban was a direct response to the destruction of the World Trade Center. The invasion of Iraq to remove a dictator was less direct. However, after removing the dictator, the United States then shifted its mission to "installing a democracy."

Since when is it the business of the United States to determine what form of government rules Islamic countries? We are now stuck in an on-going perpetual civil war which will last for generations.

At the same time, the United States has allowed almost two million Muslims to enter this country. France has nine million. Detroit and Dearborn have become little Baghdadís. The naive notion is that Muslims once in the United States will quickly assimilate and adopt Western values. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Muslims are not going to "assimilate" into the United States, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. They will always be in conflict with the residents of their host countries.

Canadians and Great Britain citizens were shocked to find that Muslims born and raised in their host countries hated their countries. They were willing to perform acts of terror against fellow citizens. Paris burned and the French, being the French, blamed themselves, not the Muslims.

Western countries, must take special precautions against Muslims within their borders. Westerners have every right to be more suspicious of Muslims than any other group. It should engage in "probability profiling," which means that young Muslim males should be subject to close scrutiny, surveillance and checks whenever they are in any position to commit terrorist acts; whenever they board a plane.

The United States and other Western countries should induce Muslims to return to their native countries. This can be done by first ending all inflows of Muslims into the West. Secondly, actively find and remove those here illegally. Third, rescind the visas, green cards and permits of all those living here legally. Finally, give Muslims that have become citizens cash grants to those that renounce their citizenship and depart. Or, simply revoke their citizenships and deport all Muslims.

Muslims prey on Western values and their respect for the individual. They use this vulnerability to reach their goals of a totalitarian Islamic world. They cry that the West treats them "unfairly" when they allow no religious freedom and murder their minorities. Supporting the American Constitution or believing in Christian values is not an agreement to commit suicide. It is not an agreement to invite in millions who want to destroy your country and are willing to kill you, your family and your neighbors.

However, Muslims complain that the West actively interferes in the affairs of the Islamic countries, and they have a point.

Western countries must remove their military presence from Islam countries and give neither financial aid nor military assistance to any. There is no reason why the United States should have troops in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.  The United States and our citizens are making a giant mistake of regarding these countries as independent entities.  Rather, they are simply governing subdivisions of the greater world of Islam.

Purchase their oil, at an armís length distance if we must. But otherwise, the United States and other Western countries must disconnect and disengage from Islam. Until we do, there will be no end to Muslim terror against our countries. We must disconnect from the Muslim World.

Paul Streitz, Co-Director
CT Citizens for Immigration Reform

Mr. Streitz is author of Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I, The Great American College Tuition Rip-off and America First, Why Americans Must End Free Trade, Stop Outsourcing and Close Our Open Borders.

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Paul Streitz
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