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Paul Streitz

A Wishnie Kind of World
By Paul Streitz
Oct 1, 2007 - 12:09:35 AM

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A forum was held at the Hamden Public Library in Hamden, CT. It was sponsored by the Women's League of Voters. The speakers were Michael Wishnie of Yale University and Stephen Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies, in Washington, D.C. Mr. Wishnie was a legal architect of the New Haven ID Card of illegal aliens and is a member of the Yale law faculty.  Mr. Steinlight has written extensively on immigration matters for the Center for Immigration Studies.

Mr. Steinlight presented clear logical reasoning why massive immigration and illegal immigration was such a destructive force on the people of the United States. He especially emphasized that illegal immigration hurt the poorest Americans the most. The United States had no reason to bring in millions of low skill workers with sixty million working Americans with less a high school education or less.  His presentation especially emphasized how immigration had been harmful to African-Americans who had unemployment rates often above fifty percent in major cities.

Mr. Steinlight described the current open borders advocates as "Post-American." While they live in the United States they have no attachment to it, rather it is the most convenient place to live, but they would move elsewhere if there were better opportunities. He said the elites feel themselves to be part of an international, multicultural class that is beyond being patriotic. He included both Republican and Democratic leaders as being part of these elites. Mr. Steinlight pointed out that the elites are removed from the cares and concerns of ordinary Americans and have little concern for the impact of their policies on American citizens.

For Mr. Steinlight it was a grassroots rejection of the current open borders immigration policy of the elites that defeated amnesty this spring. He said this grass roots effort was surprisingly strong and would produce both legislation and political leaders opposed to open borders.

In contrast, Mr. Michael Wishnie was a modern day Mrs. Jellby.

In Bleak House, Charles Dickens created Mrs. Jellby, who runs a charity for Africa. She is passionately concerned with Borrioboola-Gha, on the left bank of the Niger. In the meanwhile, Mrs. Jellby's children are in rags, ill-fed and totally neglected. Yet, she has little time for these mundane concerns.

"The African project at present employs my whole time. It involves me in correspondence with public bodies and with private individuals anxious for the welfare of their species all over the country. I am happy to say it is advancing. We hope by this time next year to have from a hundred and fifty to two hundred healthy families cultivating coffee and educating the natives of Borrioboola-Gha, on the left bank of the Niger."

Michael Wishnie is Mrs. Jellby reincarnated. He is the do-good liberal, totally obsessed with a cause. He ignores the destruction of mass immigration on the citizens of the United States, and especially lower income Americans. Mr. Steinlight's facts were irrelevant to him.

Richard Wishnie's pitch was emotional. Illegal aliens were "people in the shadows," "undocumented workers," and that it was "impossible" to "round up and deport" 12 million people and it "would tear families apart."  He stated that he was not going "argue numbers' and he didn't. That is to say, he was not going to base any decisions on facts, but rather the emotional argument he could make.

Mr. Wishnie approached immigration not as political, economic and social problems created by government policies, but rather as something akin to an inevitable cosmological force. It was a "human reality" that twelve to twenty million illegals were in the country and the humane way to do anything was to accept the situation. The New Haven ID Cards for illegal immigrants was a part of accepting the reality that "they were here" and the City was simply accommodating them, according to Mr. Wishnie.

Mr. Wishnie seems to be unaware that the open borders movement received a sound defeat in the American Senate. What seemed like a sure thing to the Democratic and Republican elites was soundly defeated after millions of Americans flooded the Senate with faxes, phone calls and emails. Senators are not very bright, and the most corrupt political body for bowing to wealthy interest groups, but Senators can count votes very well. And what they counted was votes to boot them out of office. They wisely retreated.

Further, Mr. Wishnie ignores the broad sweep of American history. The French no longer occupy the Midwest, the British do not occupy American cities, the Spanish do not have a colony in Florida, the French and British have left New Orleans, the Mexicans were deposed from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California and the Russians are not in Alaska. The broad sweep of American history reveals that Americans have resisted and removed occupiers of their country. The sea of Mexican flags proved to the American public that this is not immigration; this is an invasion.

Mr. Wishnie wrapped his cause for illegal immigration with the banner of the civil rights movement. He compared those who wanted to stop illegal immigration with the sheriffs of the Deep South who wanted to stop the march on Selma. For him, the struggle of Americans for equal rights under the Constitution was the same as the struggle for illegal aliens to gain entry into the country.

By analogy, Mr. Wishnie was arguing that anyone opposed to unlimited immigration into the United States was a bigot, racist and xenophobe, equivalent to Sheriff Bull Connor or the Deep South. Martin Luther King and Barbara Jordan would roll over in their graves to hear that. I don't think that Mr. Wishnie is going to be spouting such thoughts to any African-American audience.

The audience was expecting a forum discussion. Instead, it received from Mr. Wishnie a sermon on the righteousness of his position and how any prohibitions on legal or illegal immigration would be immoral. It probably does not occur to Mr. Wishnie that after two teenaged girls were murdered by an illegal alien driving into their stopped car at sixty-five miles an hour and, three young people murdered in Newark (one with her face chopped off), the American public does not want to hear his woeful stories about illegal parents being separated from illegal children.

Mr. Wishnie was asked how he could be a lawyer and yet completely ignore the law. He ignored the question and went on about human rights and humane treatment of people. For him, the law is but a vehicle to protect illegal immigrants. Equity, or his version of being fair and humane, top all laws enacted by any legislative body. There is no will of the people or legitimate law other than what his moral view of the world. Mr. Wishnie stated that he wanted to control the border, but for him controlling the border only means giving legal rights to any and all of the millions who want to come into the United States.

Mr. Wishnie gave the City of New Haven and its alderman erroneous advice. He told them that the New Haven ID Card was not illegal because it was not specifically prohibited in federal law. However, in the same sense, one cannot be guilty of a crime of beating someone over the head with a baseball bat because there are no laws specifically mentioning baseball bats.

Mr. Wishnie ignored the general law that it is a violation of law to induce an illegal alien to come into or reside in the United States, and the New Haven ID card was a direct inducement for illegals to use city services. One might think that Mr. Wishnie was deliberately deceptive, but it is not that. He simply ignores all laws as unjust if they negatively impact on any person in the world to come into, reside and work in the United States.

Stephen Steinlight brought up the issue of Atzlan and Reconquista and that Mexico had territorial designs on the United States. Mr. Wishnie brushed these concerns aside. Unpleasant realities are simply not within Mr. Wishnie's grasp. The fact that people might have ulterior motives or that he is being used by those with less humanistic designs escapes him entirely.

For him all illegals are innocent victims that must be brought out of the shadows. The fact that thousands of illegal aliens are not in the shadows at all, but in the streets carrying signs "White Racists go back to Europe," is not of his concern. It never enters his head that the Reconquistas, the radical Latinos and the Junata for Progressive Action might send him back Europe.

The radical Latinos, La Raza and the Junta for Progressive Action are intensively ethnocentric and Mexican nationalists. La Raza whose motto is "Everything for the Race, Nothing for Anyone Else," must think that Mr. Wishnie is either a traitor to his country, a simple-minded fool, or both. For La Raza, Mr. Wishnie is a "useful idiot" to be used and then cast aside when his usefulness is over.

Mr. Wishnie has the liberal solution to any problem that threatens the American public. First, deny that the problem exists. (Immigrants only take "jobs Americans don't want.")  Second, slander those expose the problems. (Racists, Xenophobes.)  Third, accommodate the problem. (They are here, so we should give illegals ID Cards). And finally surrender (Amnesty). At the same time, Mr. Wishnie pictures himself as a peaceful savior of the world.

In his summary, Mr. Wishnie made the most amazing statement of the evening. He said we could not treat immigrants as "second class citizens."

Illegal aliens are not "second class citizens" or "third class citizens."  They are not citizens whatsoever. However, for Mr. Wishnie there is no distinction between citizens of the United States and citizens of other countries. He is a one-world multiculturalist.

Michael Wishnie has created his own Wishnie World, a Borrioboola-Gha in New Haven, where reality does not intrude. While Mrs. Jellby was a comical character created by Dickens, Mr. Wishnie is very real and very dangerous. He is a self-deluded liberal convinced of his moral righteousness and he is willing to inflict his delusions on millions of Americans.

 Paul Streitz
CT Citizens for Immigration Reform

Author of AMERICA FIRST, Why Americans must end free trade, stop outsourcing and close our open borders

Paul Streitz
CT Citizens for Immigration Control

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Paul Streitz
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