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Paul Streitz

A Psychohistory of George W. Bush
By Paul Streitz
Jul 30, 2007 - 9:06:53 AM

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George W. Bush is the first Mexican President of the United States. He identifies with, sympathizes with and promotes the interests of the citizens of Mexico at the expense of American citizens. At the same time, he ritually sacrifices American citizens in a hopeless sandmire in Iraq, while allowing millions of Mexicans to cross into the United States.

To understand these schizophrenic polities, one must look at the psychohistory of the President. This is the discipline of looking at world leaders through the prism of their childhood. Those in political power often use the world as their stage to act out their unresolved childhood traumas.

History is full of leaders that were severely beaten by their parents; this includes using whips, belts, sticks, etc. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao and Saddam Hussein had such childhoods. When reaching positions of power, these men avenge their tortured childhoods on their societies. Unspeakable cruelty, torture and murder become hallmarks of their reigns as they do the world what was done to them as children.

This would indicate that we are all prisoners of our childhood. While there are numerous examples of this, sons and daughters of abusive parents become abuse parents themselves, there are certainly many cases where adults say, "My parents raised me this way, I don't think that was good for me, and I am not going to raise my children that way." When this happens, the world progresses one child at a time.

When Nikita Khrushchev faced off against John F. Kennedy over Cuba, his ministers and military wanted him to go to a nuclear war. Khrushchev wrote a letter to Kennedy saying that he had seen the mass destruction of his country in World War II and he was not going to let it happen again. He realized the immaturity of the American president and that Kennedy would go to a nuclear war. Khrushchev exercised good judgment, maturity and wisdom and the world was spared a nuclear holocaust. We are not prisoners of our childhood, but in the case of world leaders, too often they are.

George W. Bush's childhood was not that of a beaten youth. Rather, he had childhood of an abandoned youth who was emotionally estranged from his parents. He experienced a great deal of loneliness and profound feelings of inadequacy. He carried these traumas with him into his adult life. His presidency is an attempt to rectify on the world stage what was not provided him by his parents.

At the age of six years, George W. Bush was left behind in Texas, while his parents took his older sister to Greenwich Connecticut be treated for leukemia. He was abandoned by his parents and left in the care of the household servants, undoubtedly Mexicans. He did not know the reason his parents had left him and did not find out about his sister's death until they came back. While this is only one notable incident, it can be considered a salient example of an overall emotional abandonment this young boy.

It is interesting to note, that George Bush's education program is titled, "No child left behind," which is exactly what happened to him at a young age. When left behind, he was placed in the care of the obliging servants and caretakers. Thus, George Bush's attachment and loyalty is to Mexicans as surrogate family. He has practically no connection to working class Americans.

President Bush's father, George H. W. Bush, was son of a prominent Connecticut family. His father attended Andover Academy where he was a star; he then went to Yale University where he played on the baseball team. His father was a star in prep school and at Yale. His son followed him to Andover and Yale, but he could not live up to his father's reputation or athletic accomplishments. To escape these feelings of inadequacy, he engaged in heavy drinking, perhaps drugs, and irresponsible behavior during his early adult years.

George H. W. Bush's was a decorated torpedo-bomber pilot in WWII. His son followed his father as a pilot in the military, but his career in the military was exactly the opposite. He received a commission in the Air National Guard of Texas during the height of Vietnam.

For those who served in the U.S. Army, the contempt for those in the Air National Guard was visceral. The saying was, "I'd rather have my sister in a whorehouse, than a brother in the Air National Guard." The National Guard was seen as a draft dodging operation created by the U.S. Military, which it was. Thousands competed for the privilege of avoiding service in Vietnam. Somehow, magically, the son of an important Texas politician was put ahead of the rest.

Bush's service is the Air National Guard was spotty and best. Many have questioned whether he was absent without leave for the last months of his enlistment. However, more important, is what George W. Bush did not do. He did not volunteer for Vietnam and put himself both at risk and in comparison with his father's war record. He had failed to live up to his father's record of military accomplishment and personal bravery.

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, two other presidential candidates, have the same childhood history as George Bush. Their parents physically and/or mentally abandoned them.

In her book, The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton, Bay Buchanan gives two interesting vignettes. In one, Hillary comes home with straight A's on her report card. Her father says to her that he must be sending her to a very easy school. This must have been devastating to her. What sort of man would say such a thing to his daughter?

In the second, Hillary remarks about the excellent care a hospital nurse is giving a young mother. Hillary then recommends that all such mothers should receive such professional care. Yet, Bay Buchanan astutely points out, that most women when have an unexpected problem with their children call their expert, their mother. Professional nurses do not replace their trust in their mothers or the guidance they receive from them.

In Hillary's book, It Takes a Village, is her statement on childrearing and at the same time an indictment of her own parents. It takes a village to raise a child, because raising a child cannot be left to the judgment of a mother and father according to Hillary Rodham Clinton. This belief is based on her own experience as a child. Hillary had no such mother that she could trust.

Barack Obama's mother is white. She abandoned him to the care of her parents and they raised him in the multiracial world of Hawaii. He has since adopted the persona of the African-American experience of racial discrimination, etc., little of which affected him in the racially tolerant Hawaii. He has totally ignored the fact that his mother was white and the grandparents who raised him were white.

To label George W. Bush a conservative, religious candidate is to misunderstand him and his presidency. George W. Bush was elected as a conservative Republican candidate, but once in office he revealed himself no conservative. With his education and massive expansion of Medicare for prescription drugs, he can be considered the most liberal of candidates. The spending of his government has been profligate.

George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seek from the government what they did not have in their childhood: a nurturing, loving mother who will end all personal distress and assure equality between all children (citizens). They are liberals to the core. (Elsworth Baker's article on modern liberals gives great insight into this character type.

The events of September 11, 2001 made George W. Bush into a wartime President. It gave him a patina of conservatism that he otherwise did not deserve. The war in Afghanistan was necessary to destroy the home base of Al Qaeda. This gave him the momentum to compete with his father. He would finish what his father had not completed: the destruction of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

The war in Iraq was begun and promoted with the idea of protecting Americans against terrorists. The Congress and American people believed that. However, after the fall of Iraq and the capture of Saddam Hussein, this war evolved into a war to bring democracy to the Mid-East. For proponents of the war, the elections in Iraq signified the beginning of a new age for the Muslim world. Freedom and democracy would reign.

Now United States soldiers were now caught in a religious civil war. Therefore, the claimed mission shifted again. Now, the United States could not leave because Iraq would suffer untold bloodshed. In short, the United States was now to be nurturing mother bringing up, protecting and not abandoning its child: Iraq. The motto was now "No Nation Left Behind."

George Bush has carried out his policies of "fight them over there, invite them over here" with maniacal intensity. Prior to the 2006 election, the George Bush could have presented the American people with an exit plan for the United States from Iraq. It would have involved risks that Iraq devolve into mayhem, chaos and bloodshed. The purpose of the war had become saving Iraq, not protecting the United States.

An exit plan from Iraq would have prevented the Republican catastrophe in 2006. For George Bush, this would have meant defeat. It was psychologically unacceptable. He had to stay the course and he will stay the course until the final day of his office.

For the entirety of his administration, he has encouraged the massive migration of Mexicans into the United States. He has refused to protect the border with adequate troops. He has stopped all interior enforcement against employers of illegal aliens. When pressured to put troops on the border, he put the National Guard on the border for a while, and then gave orders that they could not intercept any illegal aliens. The border fence authorized and funded by Congress and signed into law has not been built. He has prosecuted two Border Patrol agents that shot a Mexican drug dealer. In short, he has done everything possible to obstruct the enforcement of U.S. immigration law.

In the normal course of life, few people are given unlimited power. Most of us are constrained by our circumstances, our families and our employers to act within the acceptable bounds of society. Those that do not are often criminals that are eventually bounded by four prison walls, where they can do little damage.

Presidents are not so constrained. After reaching a position of barely constrained power, they are free to act out the unresolved problems of their youth or to show maturity and balance in their decisions. George W. Bush's presidency has not been that of a mature adult. Rather it is an attempt to be better, braver than his father and to be the nurturing, loving parent to deserving Mexicans, a parent that he never had as a child.

He will not take a step out of Iraq. He will leave it for his successors to exit Iraq and think to himself that he did not "lose" Iraq. He will keep the borders open and let his successors clean up the social, political and economic havoc he has caused.

United States citizens are paying the price in blood, money and social disruption for this president's unresolved childhood traumas.

Paul Streitz
CT Citizens for Immigration Reform

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Paul Streitz
America First 2008

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Paul Streitz
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