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Paul Davis
The Message in the Tax Amnesty Program
By Senator Paul Davis
Sep 12, 2003 - 4:37:00 PM

AUGUSTA -- I read with interest the news item from Senator Stanley in the Magic City Morning Star. There is an important message in it that should not be missed by the people of Maine. It is even more important that members of the state legislature hear the message. The message I refer to is not really about tax amnesty, but about the alleged necessity for the program.

The Senator states that "most people try hard to pay their taxes on time." Later in the column, he added, "many families are struggling to make ends meet...". There is no argument with either statement from this writer. The factors being blamed for people's delinquency include "layoffs and illness". The list should have included legislative spending binges. The amnesty program is expected to generate $14,000,000 in new state revenues. In other words, the legislature has placed at least a $14,000,000 burden on taxpayers that they have been unable to pay. This would be a good time for the Governor and the legislature to recognize that the tax burden being placed on the shoulders of Maine people is too much. People get behind in tax payments for many reasons. Excessive government spending should not be one of them. I urge Senator Stanley, as the chair of the taxation committee to resist efforts to expand taxes and to join the fight to reduce state spending. Then we can avoid the need for tax amnesty programs.

Senator Davis is the Senate Republican Leader

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