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Pro Angler Captures His Own Boat Sinking and Rescue
By Scott Croft BOATUS
Sep 14, 2014 - 12:17:45 AM

If you spend time on the water, what happened on September 4 to Pro Angler Chris Flint and Co-Angler Brett Walker may send a little shiver down your spine.

The two were ending a day of fishing the Bassmaster Northern Open on Michigan's Lake St. Clair when they abandoned their sinking vessel and climbed aboard a nearby channel buoy for safety. To put it simply, their luck ran out.

Here's the full report from, along with the video footage:

As you know, a day on the water can turn suddenly bad with little warning. So when you head out this weekend, ask yourself, "Am I prepared to handle an incident like this?" If you'd like some help getting answers, our BoatUS Foundation has a range of boating safety topics at, from marine communications to distress signals and cold water boating, that may help you look at your onboard safety with a critical eye.

While most boating trips end on a good note, we all need to be prepared for the "what ifs".

Scott Croft
BoatUS Public Relations

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