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Obama's Manufactured Illegal Alien Crisis
By Tea Party Army
Jul 14, 2014 - 12:20:06 AM

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Shortly after Obama announced that he would rule America with his ink pen and cellphone, a tsunami of "youthful" illegal aliens began to swarm our southern border.

Please send faxes to stop this madness!

Obama lassoed the INS and forced this once-proud law enforcement group to become active "coyotes" for these illegal aliens - so now these people don't have to pay the real ones. Now, illegal aliens are flying on commercial airlines without identification simply by showing a fax copy of an immigration form.

Our shores are being over-run; our nation will cease to exist because of it.

Ronald Reagan said, "A nation with no borders is not a nation".

So, how did these folks all-at-once decide to break our borders? Simple, YOUR tax dollars were spent in radio, television and newspaper ads across Mexico and Central America that guaranteed safe crossing of our borders.

Obama's evil plan even included sending cash payments to churches across that region for distribution to the illegal aliens as a form of "walking around money", meaning walking around our border protection and making a mockery of America's legal system.

And now, Barack Obama is demanding that John Boehner give him $3.7 billion - funds that Obama would then use to ESCALATE the crisis he created - and Republicans in Washington are already working on offering Obama a "deal."

Are they insane or do they believe we are both stupid and insane?

One thing is certain... there's only one way to stop this insanity. Our elected officials in Congress must hear from you now.

Unfortunately, very few Members of House are speaking out for 'we the people' right now. We need to change this! We must force the House to stop the funding of $3.7 + billion extra Obama is now claiming he needs to support his own tsunami of these illegals.

send your FaxGrams to the US House today! And then, please warn others about Mr. Obama's evil plan to destroy America's sovereignty by sending them this link:

We need to put as much pressure on our legislators as possible to stop Obama!

So, you say this is not possible, a president would not do this! That's what you're thinking? Well, just remember back a few months when Obama was yelling about overthrowing Syria's Assad and wanting US soldiers to go in and help out the "rebels." You remember that, don't you? Well, it turned out that the rebels were Al Quaida terrorists and only because Americans stood up and said "NO" was Obama's plan stopped.

This is an identical issue; we must stand up and be counted

Charles Benninghoff, Founder
Tea Party Army
2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400
Henderson, Nevada 89074 USA

This 'Impeach Obama' badge was contained in a different Tea Party newsletter.
Editorial Comment

Like the information contained in this article the article above was received in an unsolicited newsletter. I would point out that the newsletter itself states that it cannot be reproduced. I have tried to contact the organization but they don't seem interested in replying. ACT! for America is the same. Since I believe both parties fight worthwhile causes I will publish what pleases me to publish until they tell me to stop. They signed me up so they can unsubscribe if they don't like me publishing their material.

Having published the newsletter I have decided to add to it by providing the following link and quote. You might also keep an eye out for Jim Kouri's article to be published today July 14, 2014 titled: "Texas lawmaker, governor blame Obama for creating 'refugee camps' R.P. BenDedek Email:

Judge Jeanine to Obama: 'Your Actions Demand Impeachment'

Mr. President: you are destroying this country. You have diminished us on the world stage. You have trampled on the very laws you swore to uphold. You are not a true commander-in-chief. We've impeached a president for lying about sex with an intern. Your actions, far more egregious, demand impeachment.

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