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IS: a greater threat than many in America realize
By ACT for America
Aug 15, 2014 - 12:20:14 AM

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The self-declared "Islamic State," formerly known as ISIS/ISIL, is a direct threat to America--and a greater threat than many in America realize.

Some in the U.S., including some of our policymakers, maintain that the Islamic State is simply a warring faction in an internal, sectarian conflict exclusive to Iraq.

They are sadly mistaken.

The Islamic State is now known to be operating in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and there are credible reports that it is also at work in Libya. Even Abu Sayyaf, the Filipino Jihadist terrorist organization, with its base of operations some 5,000 miles away from Mosul, Iraq, has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

Moreover, the Islamic State reportedly has recruits from the U.S., Great Britain, Western Europe and just about every Islamic nation around the globe--some 20,000 fighters by some estimates.

There have been public demonstrations in support of the Islamic State in The Netherlands, Austria and Indonesia.

But, most ominously, the Islamic State's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has promised to "see us in New York."

America must not ignore this grave threat or allow it to metastasize overseas, because there can be no doubt that a Jihadist organization like the Islamic State that is already committing genocide and other atrocities, will follow through on its threats.

It may seem ridiculous when the Islamic State claims to be bent on raising "the flag of Allah in the White House," but, rest assured, they are dead serious about trying, and as they have said:

We are here America near our target sooooon. We are everywhere.

A complacent America ignored the warning signs leading up to 9/11--the threats from Bin Laden and his allies, the terrorist attacks on American targets overseas--and the result was September 11th.

We must never be complacent again.

We must be forever vigilant.

That is what makes ACT! For America's mission so vital. Our organization serves to alert our fellow citizens to the Jihadist threat to our liberty, our livelihoods and our safety.

Through our 287,000 members and 900 chapters across America, we now must redouble our efforts to wake Americans up once again. We must make sure our elected and appointed officials--legislators, sheriffs, mayors, police chiefs, members of Congress, city council members--are aware and educated as to the new, wider threat posed by the Islamic State.

No terrorist organization can defeat a vigilant, well-prepared America, but we cannot sit back and assume that those we elect clearly understand the threat from Jihad. We must continue to reach out to them through briefings, reports, articles, speeches, letters, e-mails, phone calls and visits.

Our founder and CEO, Brigitte Gabriel, is like a modern-day Paul Revere.

Fortunately, unlike Paul Revere, she has the help and support of hundreds of thousands of patriots from sea to shining sea.

Together we can make a difference but, in view of the growing threat from the Islamic State that we are seeing right now, we must realize that we can never let our guard down and we must redouble our efforts.

If not us, who?

ACT! For America is both the largest and fastest-growing grassroots national security organization in the United States.

Now more than ever, there is no one better equipped to educate our fellow citizens on the threat to the U.S. from the Islamic State than our team at ACT! For America.

Please continue to make sure your friends, family and neighbors are informed and educated about the threats that we face.

ACT for America
P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591

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