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Old Embers
Old Embers for New Torches: The Cypresses Believe in God
By Fritz Spencer
Sep 11, 2008 - 10:19:03 AM

Review of:

The Cypresses Believe in God
by Jose Maria Gironella

Outside the city of Madrid, in a place called The Valley of the Fallen, stands the largest cross in the world. Visitors on the esplanade below gaze up to a granite cross that weighs two hundred thousand tons and towers one thousand feet over their heads. The colossal scale of the monument is fitting, since it stands for the sacrifice of half a million Spaniards who perished in the Spanish Civil War.

Those whose only knowledge of the Spanish Civil War comes from the left-wing media, and includes a rosy picture of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and other anti-Fascist forces, will be surprised to learn that over four thousand priests and seminarians, along with thirteen Catholic bishops were executed by the Communists, many by firing squads in the first few days of the revolution.

We have a fairer account of the Spanish Civil War in the trilogy The Cypresses Believe in God by Jose Maria Gironella. The three novels tell the story of a middle class family, the Alvears, as they are caught up in a civil war unleashed by the Communist seizure of power. The hero of the novel is the older of the Alvears's two sons, Ignacio, who is a lukewarm socialist, having been indoctrinated in a left-leaning public school system. Ignacio struggles to make sense of the conflict between the workers and landowners, but his theories about society and political involvement quickly go by the board once the red flag is hung out over the town square.

The novel, with its unfamiliar setting, may discourage some readers at first, but those who persist are drawn in by the author's compassion for the victims on both sides of the revolution. The real value of the trilogy is that it sheds light on the relationship between politics and religion. The novels make clear that the Left is driven by a rebellion against God and His laws. According to the author, the ultimate source of social unrest is sin, and the inability of both sides to treat their fellow man with Christian charity.

The trilogy has another value. The events described are disconcertingly similar to what is happening in America today. In order to bring about a revolution in Spain, The Left, working within both mainstream parties, infiltrated the educational system, removed the Cross and the Bible, and replaced them with atheism and evolution. At the same time, the Left promoted sexual immorality - the Soviet ideas of free love, homosexuality, contraception, and abortion - in order to sway young people and destabilize society. It is odd to think that whenever a Republican or Democrat advocates "Freedom of Choice" he or she is actually advocating a Soviet idea. (And this explains why Susan Collins, deceived and encouraged by her Neo-Conservative/Trotskyite handlers, is so fond of wearing red.)

Most disturbingly, the novels depict what to expect when the Left takes power. Our prelude to a civil war in America will be the democratic election of a left-wing leader, followed by nationwide strikes, the arming of urban mobs, anarchists, and union members, then the immediate liquidation of conservatives. Interestingly, The Cypresses Believe in God tells how gun permits, obtained from local police stations, enabled Leftists to identify conservatives and other political opponents. Conservative commentators were among the first to be eliminated.

For anyone trying to make sense of America's headlong race towards chaos, "The Cypresses Believe in God" is must reading. Not only does the trilogy of novels give practical advice on how to survive a red revolution, it gives Americans a plan of action for restoring order to our society. In order to preserve our way of life, we must immediately seek an end to partisan politics, insist on a strict attention to morality, and work towards a society in which there is real respect and charity for all citizens, whether they are Republican or Democrat, workers or business owners. In the final analysis, Christianity, and Christian society will prove to be the only effective bulwarks against red revolution.



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