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Old Embers
Old Embers for New Torches: Roosevelt's Road to Russia
By Fritz Spencer
Nov 3, 2008 - 3:10:38 PM

Roosevelt's Road to Russia - by George N. Crocker

The recovery of lost or forbidden knowledge is a theme which enables science fiction writers to produce useful insights into contemporary society. In the movie The Time Machine, the hero digs through the ruins of the New York Public Library to find the reason why society is running backwards. In Fahrenheit 451, a government agent, equipped with a book-burning apparatus, is enlightened by the same works of politics and philosophy the government sends him to burn.

A perilous, albeit fictional pursuit after hidden knowledge raises several interesting questions. Are we better informed, or less informed than the members of a fictional, totalitarian society? Is knowledge freely available in our society, or is it controlled? If so, who controls it? Finally, what is the truth we are not supposed to know?

The hidden knowledge is this: America is a nation governed according to Marxist principles.

The best and most comprehensive guide to the Communist conquest of America is a work on history published in 1959, entitled "Roosevelt's Road to Russia." The author, George N. Crocker, exposes the extent to which subversives within the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt worked hand-in-hand with the government of Joseph Stalin to deliver half of the world's population to Bolshevik tyranny. In the words of the author, "FDR was Stalin's foremost fellow-traveler in the Second World War."

The degree to which Soviet agents infiltrated the administration of FDR is truly astounding. Henry Wallace, nominated by Roosevelt to become Secretary of Commerce, was closely associated with Communist subversives. When Wallace ran for President in 1948, he promised a cheering crowd that he would appoint Harry Dexter White as Secretary of the Treasury. White, like Wallace's own speech writer, was a Soviet agent. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote President Truman three times warning that White was "a Russian spy." Nonetheless, Truman went on to nominate White for the position of U.S. representative to the International Monetary Fund.

Worse, as Crocker's book makes clear, Roosevelt capitulated to every demand Stalin made regarding the war effort. One stunning revelation in the book is that Churchill opposed D-Day as a futile waste of lives. Roosevelt and Stalin agreed on D-Day as a means of drawing German troops from the Russian front. Churchill proposed mounting an attack through Italy and the Balkans in order to bring a quick end to the war, and save Eastern Europe from Russian domination.

The Yalta Conference, which delivered Poland, Hungary, and the rest of Eastern Europe to the Soviets, is revealed to be an underhanded collaboration between FDR and Stalin. One of Roosevelt's closest advisors at the conference was Alger Hiss. Hiss went on to become the first Secretary General of the United Nations. Thanks to the efforts of a young congressman, Richard M. Nixon, Hiss was exposed as a Soviet agent who routinely passed American defense secrets to the Soviets. That is the real reason Nixon is hated by the media.

Communist infiltration was not confined to the Democrats. Dr. Glenn Frank, President of the University of Wisconsin, and a prominent Republican, was also revealed to be a Communist. Frank once said, "If the facts warrant, I am willing to be as reactionary ("conservative") as the Czar of Russia on Monday, or as radical as Leon Trotsky on Tuesday."

Today, atheism is the official ideology of the public schools. Members of both parties advocate globalism, abortion "rights," and the desirability of having women in combat - all of which are Soviet ideas.

There is indeed a good reason why Susan Collins wears red. And there is most certainly a reason why this somewhat juvenile sounding protegee of the Left opposed John McCain's efforts to expose Barak Obama's ties to the pro-Soviet bomb-thrower Bill Ayers. As the brilliant novelist Taylor Caldwell put it, "We are already living in a Communist-oriented America."

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