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Old Embers
Nicholas and Alexandra
By Fritz Spencer
Feb 13, 2010 - 3:48:29 AM

Behind an immense black cloud, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior slowly collapsed into dust and ash, each tumbling brick or shattered icon making way for a planned "Palace of the Soviets." Demolished on orders of Lazar Kaganovitch, "the Wolf of the Kremlin," the Cathedral was to be replaced by a complex of office buildings serving as the administrative center of the Soviet Union. Kaganovitch's grandiose plan never came to fruition. As German troops advanced on Moscow in 1941, work on the project stopped; and in the end, the site was used for the world's largest swimming pool.

The destruction of the Cathedral was only a small part of the horrors inflicted on the Russian people. The story of Russia in the twentieth century is the story of the martyrdom of an entire nation. In the first years of the Russian Revolution, more than five thousand Russian Orthodox priests were arrested, tried, and executed. Church ornaments of gold and silver were melted into ingots and sold in London and New York. Magnificent churches were converted into breweries, movie theaters, and so-called "Museums of Atheism" in a diabolical plot to mock Christ and His followers.

The martyrdom of the Russian people will forever have a symbol in the death of the Romanovs. The execution of the Russian imperial family at the hands of the Bolsheviks makes a tragic ending to the film Nicholas and Alexandra, a historical drama called "the last of the epics." It is a movie which is sure to infuriate the Left even today. The Tsar and Tsarina are portrayed as a devoted couple who served one another faithfully and lavished care on their children.

The movie is historically accurate in all but a few minor details. The execution of the royal couple and their young children is heart-wrenching. The Ipatiev House, where the royal family was murdered, was torn down after the fall of the Soviet Union. For many years, the Soviet government organized guided tours of the house, proudly pointing out where rifle bullets ripped holes in the wall behind the imperial family. The Empress Alexandra, raised a pious Lutheran, and a convert to Russian Orthodoxy, was shot as she made the sign of the Cross. Crown Prince Alexei, a tall thin lad weakened by hemophilia, was bayoneted as he tried to help his sisters.

This period of history is ignored by American patriots, who prefer to study the Revolutionary War and adopt its symbols. They sincerely believe they will find an answer to our own political predicament in the pages of American history. They are sadly mistaken. The enslavement and martyrdom of millions of Russian, Ukrainian, Eastern European, and Baltic Christians gives us the key to understanding our own political opposition.

When we study the Russian Revolution, we find names associated with American politics today. We see the name 'Pavel Axelrod,' Lenin's top organizer, just as we see that 'David Axelrod' is now Obama's top advisor. Leon Trotsky's great-granddaughter, Nora Volkow, is currently the director of The National Institute on Drug Abuse, a federal agency. Nora bears a close resemblance to her infamous great-grandfather.

Nicholas and Alexandra is a historical drama which shows the horror of Bolshevik rule and helps us to understand the real force which imperils our Republic. Our enemy is not statism or Fascism, as our false friends the Libertarians and Neo-Cons deceptively claim. Our real enemy is the Marxist ideology which seeks to infiltrate all aspects of our culture, gradually displacing our Christian traditions and worldview. Whether this Cultural Marxism is disguised as globalism, political correctness, the platform of the Democrat Party, or the advocacy of gay rights and abortion by Rino Republicans, it is a phenomenon we ignore at our own great peril.

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Fritz Spencer

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