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Old Embers
Alien Feminism
By Fritz Spencer
Nov 19, 2014 - 12:30:31 AM

Imagine if you will, a battle fought out high above the earth, as a woman struggles against a hissing, serpent-like creature, then finally hurls the repulsive creature into space. Down through the darkness the creature falls, down through the fleecy white clouds, until it sets foot on a planet not unlike earth, where it is free to hunt its prey. These are scenes from the movie Alien; and Alien is a movie which is hailed as a feminist classic.

The movie Alien, as does the best science fiction, retells certain familiar stories from the Bible. Non- believers reject the truth of the Bible, but they are moved when they see that same truth portrayed in cinematic form. The battle in the heavens shown in Alien is a retelling of the enmity between woman and the Devil as set forth in the Book of Genesis:

"I will make you and the woman hostile toward each other. I will make your descendants and her descendants hostile toward each other. He will crush your head, and you will bruise his heel." (Genesis 3:15)

The very first conversation in the Bible takes place between Eve and the Serpent. The Serpent, who is the Devil, entices Eve into confounding the laws of God. We may gather from this account that the Devil hates woman more than he hates man, because woman gives life to what he detests, the human race.

But the retelling of the story is garbled in Alien. Rather than succumbing to the serpent, the heroine defeats the serpent by usurping the role of the male. But the serpent is not slain, and instead finds its way to earth.

In like fashion, feminism, which purports to be a triumph of womankind, is in reality, a war on women, a re-tempting of Eve in the Garden of Eden. Nor does the liberation of women lead to a paradise on earth, but instead ushers in the society envisioned by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Friedrich Engels revealed the real purpose behind feminism when he wrote the following:

"Only when we have led every woman from the home into the workplace will complete equality be achieved, by the destruction of the institution of the family, which is the basis of capitalist society." (Friedrich Engels, Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State)

Feminism scorns child-bearing and motherhood, just as it welcomes abortion, lesbianism, and the rearing of children by the state. In the movie Alien, the heroine is a warrior, and the monster is a mother. Likewise, the abomination called "homosexual marriage" rejects child-bearing and child-rearing, which is the essence of womanhood.

What then is the origin of this strange movie, with its distorted message of feminism and its gory depiction of violence? Alien grew out of an even more lurid and bizarre movie directed by Curtis Harrington, a homosexual. Harrington, a maker of horror films, is hailed as a pioneer of the'New Queer Cinema;' and the monsters in his films are yes, women. The monster in the movie which is the predecessor to Alien is a woman 'with a bouffant hairdo and the grace of a ballet dancer,' and like the creature in Alien, she too is a mother.

St. Paul says in the first chapter of the Book of Romans that homosexuality is caused by a rejection of God and the worship of created beings. The more depraved aspects of the homosexual lifestyle, including marching in so-called "gay pride parades" -- either completely nude or dressed as nuns -- hurling obscenities at Christians, and organizing clubs for sadomasochists, have been ably documented by the pro-family crusader Peter LaBarbera. No one can deny such scenes exist; nor can anyone deny that these lurid displays seem demonic. It remains for us to properly evaluate the significance of these phenomena.

It would be ludicrous to assert that every homosexual harbors a secret hatred of women and motherhood. But it would be an equally great mistake for Christians to believe that the homosexual lifestyle and the homosexual rights movement are entirely wholesome and harmless. Christians who make that claim are deluding the public. Worse, they are departing from the clear truth of the Bible, a truth which those opposed to God bear witness to and authenticate by their own actions.

Fritz Spencer

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