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To Be Continued Soon, If All Goes Well
By Ken Anderson
Oct 22, 2007 - 3:49:02 PM

Due to what has become a comedy of errors, or tragedy of circumstances, depending on perspective, I have had to leave the Magic City Morning Star to its own devices temporarily. My thanks to Bendedek for keeping it going.

Those of you who have been in the Katahdin Commons forum have an idea as to what has taken place; and to the rest of you, I apologize.

Due to our inability to earn a reasonable living in Maine, my wife and I have had to move temporarily to North Carolina, for work, which shouldn't have been a problem in itself, but that's not the way things worked out.

Beginning with an accident for which we were in no way at fault, compounded by the fact that the person who was at fault was insured through AAA, which has paid us virtually nothing thus far, nearly three months after we were rear-ended by someone who passed out while driving speedily behind us on I-95, and with my own desire not to live in Fayetteville, which led us to rent a place in Parkton, where there is neither DSL, cable Internet, or even decent telephone connection, I have been unable to keep up with the Magic City Morning Star site.

With two hours spent on the road each day, 10-12 hour shifts, and working seven days a week, along with having to shuffle two of us to different jobs in one car, I found myself wholly unable to come home to the constant errors that I was receiving trying to edit articles here, using an article manager that demanded a better connection than I could give.

The only amount of online time that I've been able to give has been devoted to removing Chinese spam and porn from the Katahdin Area Wiki, which is in itself nearly a full-time job on the awful dialup connection we have here. Apart from that, I've managed to pop into the forum a few times before bed, but haven't been able to do much else.

My mailbox has filled to capacity, and for reasons that I can't even begin to figure out, I am unable to change that capacity, something that I'll probably be able to figure out once I can get back online using my own computer again, given that my own computer doesn't have a telephone modem and I'm not about to buy one near the end of 2007, many years after anyone should have to own such a thing.

Perhaps there was a bit of depression involved, as well; since I clearly had no desire to leave Maine, and hope to return before too long.

The installer was supposed to set up our satellite system today, for which I have remained home from work the entire day, but he's not coming, and for reasons that are equally ridiculous.

Perhaps tomorrow, probably tomorrow, or very soon, I'll be back with you. I was hoping for this afternoon, but apparently that isn't going to happen.

Whenever it happens, I'll begin work putting everyone's articles back into their own columns, and trying to catch up with whatever else might still be here.

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