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Suggestions for Improving Morning Star News
By R.P. BenDedek
Mar 20, 2010 - 12:40:45 AM

Today, Magic City Morning Star News is giving you the reader, an opportunity to provide input into this Newspapers operation. We need and invite your input.

There have been many gainsayers out there whose only wish is to see Magic City Morning Star News and its editor disappear from the local scene. Many people in the 'Land of the Free' don't believe in freedom. They object to airing in public, opinions with which they disagree.

Ken Anderson the Editor, has always made the Morning Star News available to all manner of opinion, because the United States of America is the land of the free; a democratic republic. Everyone is entitled to be heard.

Ken is currently on extended leave. Two years ago he invited me to assist him in publishing the newspaper. He did so because like every other person, his need to earn a living often interferes with his personal desires. His desire is to make Magic City Morning Star News a non sectarian venue for news and opinion. He also wants people to avail themselves of the opportunity to be heard; something that the common man is often denied.

When Ken first went on leave, it was because he needed to be away to earn a living. This newspaper costs more to run than the income it receives. Leaving me to keep it running, he no longer needed to fear for its survival. As time passed, he realized that there was no rush to return. In time, he realized that he really did need a break from the pressure, and I am glad to provide him with that break. It is after all, the decent thing to do, when you know someone needs help.

Over recent months, regular writers have begun to provide more frequent articles, and new people have joined our team. After a recent article stating that the paper was 'politically one sided', [because political hopefuls were not sending material], there has been a flood of such material. We are grateful.

We are grateful to those who have been sending photographs for the 'Photo of the Day' section, and as one can see, there is now, a more balanced series of photographs and accompanying stories being presented. [This section commenced solely with Photographs from China].

You are invited to write 'letters to the Editor' [for the moment c/-]. Perhaps you wish to comment on an article, or provide some news of your own. Perhaps you wish to share some family or local history and photographs. You are welcome to do so.

Above and beyond all of this, you are invited to send in your suggestions on how to improve the newspaper. Tell us what you would like to see included in it.

I can't say anything right now, but if all goes well, we will soon have on board a local organization that will be providing us with material, the perspective of which has not been something previously published at Magic City.

With two Editors on board, Magic City Morning Star News now has the potential to grow. Wouldn't it be nice if everyday we had 20 items to present for your reading, which covers a wide spectrum of interests?

But as much as this newspaper loves to publish the lengthier politico-economic articles that it receives, what it really is looking forward to is local input.

There are two currently untapped local resources. One, is the young people, who can give us all insight into 'their' world, thoughts and opinions. The other is the Seniors. Retired people need to keep active, and they have so much to share. We especially invite them to take up our offer of input. Old people are a wealth of stories, anecdotes and history, not to mention 'wisdom'.

When opportunity knocks at your door, let her in. Take the chance. Take a step. Cast off your fears. You know that you wish people would listen to what you have to say. So use us to tell them. Become involved.

As Easter Approaches, we wish you Peace, Rest, Joy, and Spiritual Blessing.

R.P. BenDedek (for Ken Anderson)

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