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Robinson Ballet Live 2010
By Julie Lisnet
Mar 15, 2010 - 10:23:51 AM

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RBC Artistic Directors Keith Robinson and Maureen Lynch have created two exhilarating dance shows to entertain and delight!

The 2010 performance of Robinson Ballet LIVE will present the works of five choreographers over two weekends.


Robinson Ballet Live 2010

Michelle Mola, New York based choreographer and dancer will be joined by Zack Winokur, fellow member of her company, The Troupe, for two of her original works - Galerie Debaume and Scene 3. Galerie Debaume cultivates exciting relationships between dancers, the movement, and different angles and planes of the performance space. A highlight of this duet was discovery of the improvisatory practice that became a part of each performance. Scene 3, Mola's other offering, drawn from the third scene in the opera L'incoronazione di Poppea by Claudio Monteverdi, explores the ability of the body to define and shape physical space. The piece relates each performance to the individual venue allowing the performers to generate striking new material linking dance to its unique surroundings.

Shana Bloomstein, of the Belfast Dance Studio has created an African fusion accompanied by drummer, Jeff Densmore. "This group piece creates an opportunity for students to learn traditional dance and song from West Africa. We explore rhythms and songs and emphasize the vital role of drummers in the ancient communication between dancer and drummer." The piece is inspired by traditional West African dances, which are fused with contemporary dance and Bloomstein's original choreography.

RBC Artistic Director, Keith Robinson brings you a brand new work, Akrasia. Akrasia is a Greek word meaning Weakness of Will. This ancient theme makes a provocative collage of movement, using sirens (which by some ancient myths say were the daughters of the muse of dance, Terpsichore) to lure with their melodious voices. Their voices are hard to resist but, if heeded, lead to despair.

Resident Choreographer, Stevie Dunham reveals El Arco. Where the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific meet you'll find El Arco, a world-renowned rock formation and the setting and title. Inspired by a recent trip to Mexico, El Arco navigates a sea of characters from honeymooners to vendors along the beach to an unlikely concierge couple whose relationships intermingle with different purposes and motivations.
Resident Choreographer, Terry Lacy's composition, The Family Couch, centers on a dysfunctional family concerning a mother who has taken a (female) lover but doesn't want to lose her husband and son. A psychiatrist tries to help - but only complicates matters by falling in love with the husband. The son has issues of his own which causes everyone to worry. Eventually the mother loses both her husband and her lover, but manages to salvage her relationship with her son.

Also over 2 weekends in 2 locations! Robinson Ballet presents:

La Boutique Fantasque (Children's Matinee)

Robinson Ballet Artistic Director/Choreographer, Maureen Lynch brings you, La Boutique Fantasque (The strange or fantastic toyshop).

The ballet is set in the south of France in the late 1800's. Rich tourist families demand to see the best mechanical dolls the shopkeeper has to offer. They watch as Neapolitan dolls dance a lively tarantella, and then playing cards perform a mazurka. Other dolls brought for their inspection include Russian Cossacks, dancing poodles and the proprietor's proudest creation, a pair of can-can dancers. Delighted, one family purchases the male can-can dancer and the other buys the female, each to be picked up the next day.

As night falls, the shopkeeper and his assistants lock up and retire for the evening. The dolls come to life and dance their respective specialties simultaneously. But all are sad because the can-can dancers are in love and must be separated tomorrow.

In the morning all are back in their boxes, except the can-can dancers cannot be found. Enraged the two families attack the doll maker and begin to destroy the shop. Now the dolls come to life again and rout the unruly customers, driving them from the shop. As the tourists look in through the windows in amazement, the dolls perform a merry final dance while the can-can dancers emerge from hiding to be greeted with relief and affection by their creator.

Robinson Ballet Live and La Boutique Fantasque will be performed at:

Bangor Opera House April 2 and 3 at 7PM with this year's children's show, La Boutique Fantasque April 3 at 3PM. For tickets call 207 942-3333 or online at

The Grand April 9 and 10 at 7PM with this year's children's show, La Boutique Fantasque April 10 at 3PM. For tickets call 207 667-9500 or online at

Tickets are $14.00 adults, $10.00 seniors, $8.00 children and students
Combo tickets to both shows are $15.00 adults/seniors and $10.00 children/students.

Amanda Fahey, RBC LIVE 2008, Photo: Gary Soucy

Anthony Arnista, Nick Cormier, Caleb McGary, Matthew Sevey, Carmina Burana 2009, Photo: Eric Sirois

Ian Robinson, ROM choreographed by Aszure Barton 2009, Photo: Eric Sirois

Courtney Porter and Matthew Sevey, Samba 2009, Photo: Eric Sirois

Maureen Lynch and Company, Oneiric Memories 2009, Photo: Eric Sirois

Dancer - Abby True, Once Upon A Time 2009, Photo: Gary Soucy

Hallie Semmel, The Little Tailor 2009, Photo: Gary Soucy

Lorna Harriman, The Little Taylor 2009, Photo: Gary Soucy

Robinson Ballet Company, The Little Tailor 2009, Photo: Gary Soucy

Julie Lisnet
Managing Director
Robinson Ballet
P.O. Box 1885
Bangor, ME 04402-1885
(207) 989-7226 (Voice Mail Only)

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