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Please Stand By
By Ken Anderson
Apr 14, 2009 - 8:58:18 AM

You may have noticed a slight lull in the activity level of the Magic City Morning Star over the past couple of days. After a short period of time in exile in North Carolina, I am moving back to Millinocket, Maine.

Since we'll be visiting a few people on the way home, including Will Hough, the former pastor of the Millinocket Baptist Church, at whose house we'll be today, we're going to take a few days getting home, probably Saturday, the 18th.

I will be updating the site during the trip, but probably not today or tomorrow. We are going to stay a couple of nights in a  hotel in Connecticut, so I should be able to update the site fully on Thursday.

Meanwhile, there will be some new stuff added to the Morning Star, thanks largely to BenDedek, one of our editors, so we are not going to be down entirely at any time.

A return to regular activity should resume on Saturday or thereabouts, depending on Verizon, who is supposed to have our DSL ready to go in Millinocket, but I never know if I can depend on that sort of thing.

It's a lot of fun traveling with four cats.

-- Ken Anderson

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