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Morning Star Writer Invitation
By Ken Anderson
Oct 25, 2007 - 1:03:28 PM

The Magic City Morning Star is interested in a few more good writers.

While we cannot afford to pay for publication rights, we can offer you an audience that hasn't dwindled despite a few months of mismanagement and gross neglect on the part of myself, the editor.

Write about whatever interests you, and feel free to plug your book, your product, business or organization along the way, so long as what you are writing has public interest.

If you're into politics, I don't care if you're a rabid liberal, a staunch conservative, or something else altogether; if you can write well about whatever is on your mind, we'd like to offer your words a home.

Life isn't all about politics. In fact, the better parts of life aren't political at all, so write about something you care about.

If your words can find an audience, and they aren't likely to get us sued or arrested, we're probably interested, and willing to walk a thin line.

After being away for a few months, I have a huge backlog of submissions, but I'll get to your stuff as quickly as I can if you send it to me by email or email attachment. Better yet, if you're interested in being a regular columnist for the Magic City Morning Star, let me set you up with a username and a password, so that you can publish your own stuff.

If you're already writing for us, and would like to be able to publish your own articles, please let me know.

During my absence, my email box overflowed, so a lot of submissions and correspondence was lost, but everything should be back on track, just waiting for me to get to it.

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Ken Anderson
Magic City Morning Star

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