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'Milliken Mills' Launch.
By Editorial Staff
Jan 4, 2010 - 12:10:18 AM

Bruce Fleming who some years ago contributed articles to Magic City Morning Star News, and who currently lives south of Millinocket, has advised that he has started his second fictional blog online.

A Medway native, Mr. Fleming has previously self-published two collections of poetry. His first blog, THE KATAHDIN MENTAL INSTITUTE, which is set in Millinocket Maine, has recently been resumed and follows the life of Dr. Billy Ramsey; a doctor who recently moved to Millinocket in order to accept a position at the institute. However, he is unaware of just how strange the institute is. "Check-in" and see for yourself at

His newest blog, is called MILLIKEN MILLS, a soap-style blog in the Melrose Place genre, following the lives of those living in the Maine coast town. The setting is loosely based on Old Orchard Beach. It is almost time for the Nolan Publishing Party, an annual event that is sure to provide fun and scandal. Last year's event included a big screen, a sex tape, and an affair exposed for all in the media world to see. You can be sure that Nathan Nolan, one of the premier publishing giants in the country, has something planned up his sleeve for this year's event as well. Be sure to find out what at

You can even 'friend' MILLIKEN MILLS on facebook to join the fan page and help you follow along.

Mr. Fleming himself will be in Milliken Mills, Maine, and hopes to see you there.

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