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'Merry Christmas and Thank You' to Morning Star Writers
By R.P. BenDedek
Dec 18, 2010 - 12:06:32 AM

On behalf of our absent Owner/Editor I should like to extend my warmest Season's Greetings and best wishes to all our contributing writers.

I can honestly say that your contributions to Magic City Morning Star News are truly appreciated and gratefully received.

Many contributers don't read the newspaper and so don't know that Ken Anderson has not been editing for the last year and so have not been sending their material to me. I on the other hand don't have their email addresses and so cannot contact them. Therefore we lack sufficient numbers of articles to publish every day.

Currently I publish three times per week. I would love to publish six times per week.

I invite you to extend an invitation to other writers to contribute. All manner of articles are appreciated, and articles may be submitted as frequently as the author desires.

Whilst some might say that the Morning Star News is just a small town newspaper, the fact is that the internet is a big place with far reaching effects. What is published reaches around the world. Regular readers will have noted that I have recently published some articles on behalf of some noteworthy writers such as Caroline Glick who writes for Jerusalem Post and retired Ambassador Yoram Ettinger. They do not think it beneath them to have their articles republished in such a small town newspaper. Such people understand the impact of the internet. Ambassador Ettinger in fact will become a regular contributor to the Morning Star News.

I would also like to draw to your attention a little known fact about 'google' and other search engines.

When an article has been published, it is indexed by the search engine spiders and given a placement in word searches. As time goes by however, the article becomes dated and that placement drops until your article disappears to page 100 + in the search engines.

My own website is quite small with relatively few visitors and within google ranking of websites it is rather obscure. However, every year I update all my articles by making some small change to them. I may re-edit a little, or add an extra word or provide a new link or change some detail after my signature.

By doing this, I actually keep my articles on the first page or two of search engines, well ahead of big academic organisations.

With that in mind, I should like to extend to you an invitation to search out your articles from previous years that remain 'timeless', and request me to republish them. Unless you are going to re-edit them, there is no need to provide the text again. Just send me the current link and ask me to update it.

I shall then change the date and republish it.

If you are re-editing it, please still send the original link and I shall insert the new text at that location and change the date.

Well with that said, I will once again thank you for your contributions and leave you with my best Christmas wishes and my hopes that the coming year will be for you, everything that you want it to be.

With appreciation for your work and on behalf of Ken Anderson,

Merry Christmas!

R.P. BenDedek


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