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Introducing Chen Yufei's Gothic Fiction Analysis.
By R.P. BenDedek
Jan 1, 2010 - 12:10:05 AM

From today, January 1st 2010, through January 3rd, presented in serialised form for your pleasure here at Magic City Morning Star News, is the Bachelor Degree Thesis of one Chen Yufei from Hubei China.

The thesis deals with the rise, development and purpose of Gothic Fiction and in his conclusion the author states that Gothic Fiction provides 'unparalleled insight into the pain, sorrow and desire of human and its authentic record of the growth and setbacks in modern history have made itself a highly stylized seer among all genres of literature and a mirror for us to embrace our inner world with introspection.'

He also writes:

  • As for the effect that Gothic fiction brings to China and its future, I see optimism in it. By the means of studying the core values and eternal beauty of Gothic fiction, we see a new horizon for men of letters in China. Since Chinese culture has accumulated a rich and varied storage of mystery stories and ghost folklores, if we absorb the nutrition of Gothic fiction in an objective way so that we may combine our own cultural values and the beauty of Gothic fiction in one, the future of this genre and our literature shall witness the prosperous new fruits of the culture of human.

Chen Yufei - or Jarod if you like - was my student in Wuhan (2005/2006) and over the years we have remained in contact. His private correspondance is a constant source of joy and amusement for me, because his 'way with words' reminds me of 19th Century novelists.

Having failed to find anyone in China to answer my query as to whether or not he was entitled to publish his thesis online, his thesis is presented here at Magic City Morning Star News.

I have several reasons for presenting this work, not the least of which is that I personally found it extremely thought provoking.

Additionally, I think a young writer like Chen Yufei needs to be brought to public notice. If in doing so, it can assist him to develop his skills and pursue his love of writing in English, then so much the better.

The thesis is not a translation from a Chinese Draft. It currently only exists in English - Such is his talent.

I know that you kind readers will forgive him if his English is not yet perfect, but then again, whose is?

The thesis is over 6000 words in length, and the first installment appears today. I do hope you take the time to read it.

PART 1: Gothic_Fiction_An_Analysis

Part 2

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