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Give a Tribute to Veterans on Nov 11 at Magic City.
By Stand-in Editor
Nov 9, 2010 - 12:27:58 AM

On November 3rd, The New York Times ran an opinion article entitled: Invitation to Veterans, Friends and Families in which they wrote:

The editors of Home Fires are requesting the participation of readers for a post on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. If you are a veteran, or friend or relative of someone who served during wartime and would like to share a written message or recollection, or a photograph recalling a veteran or their service, you can send it to us via e-mail at Please put HOME FIRES in the subject line of your message.

Magic City Morning Star News invites local readers to do likewise in our online newspaper.

Send text in the body of an email and send photographs as attachments [jpeg preferred and with an identifying name].

Provide your full name and hometown for the text and if you so choose, you can include in the text your email address if you would like that published.

Please identify photographs, i.e. give them a name or RENAME them in your computer so that they can be identified in the text. When referring to photographs in the text [or as text to be included under the photograph - 'cultine'], include names, dates, locations as they are known to you.

Your submission will be accepted as genuine - [not false or misleading], lawful, unplagiarized and not otherwise copyrighted and not violating other people's rights.

We guarantee not to submit or transmit text or photographs to 3rd parties, although we may use selected photographs in the 'Photo of the Day' section where they will be linked back to their original use at Magic City Morning Star News.

We also invite readers to send in other material or articles, stories, anecdotes, poetry or whatever you would like to see published.

Please send your text and photographs addressed to and in the Subject line just write: VETERANS DAY

Submissions should be sent no later than Midday 10th November.

Thank You

R.P. BenDedek
On Behalf of the Editor Ken Anderson

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