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C4I America Expands U.S. Markets - Israel: The Prophetic Connection
By C4I America
Feb 12, 2015 - 9:52:27 PM

Murrysville, PA (Feb. 12, 2015) -- C4I America expands its reach with three LeSEA Television stations picking up Israel: The Prophetic Connection. The stations begin airing the program in March and include LeSEA's top markets of Indianapolis (WHMB-TV), New Orleans (WHMO-TV), and Tulsa (KWHB-TV). A fourth market of West Palm Beach (WFGC-TV), enhancing the shows' already strong viewership in Florida, begins airing in May. Additionally in May, The NRB Network, on Direct-TV, will be adding it to their lineup, giving the program national exposure.

The LeSEA Networks represent some of the largest audiences for local Christian TV stations in the Country. The NRB Network will exponentially expand the reach of the C4I ministry with its 20.2 million U.S. Direct-TV subscriber households, marking the programs' first nationwide audience.

"We are thrilled to spread our love of Israel throughout the United States," Rev. Dr. John Tweedie, President and CEO of C4I America, said. "God has called me to speak out passionately in support of the Jewish nation and its people, and He is allowing our ministry to do so on a much larger scale."

Israel: The Prophetic Connection features a biblically prophetic exploration of Israel, past, present, and future with Rev. Dr. John Tweedie as host. Each program brings the Scriptures to life by linking history to the Bible while featuring Israeli backdrops for the interviews with local Pastors, Rabbis and Scholars.

Israel: The Prophetic Connection also airs across Canada on Daystar, Vision and YEStv.

About C4I America

C4I America is a ministry striving to communicate a biblical worldview of God's plan for Israel and the church. Through aid to Israeli organizations such as Vision for Israel and the Joseph Storehouse, Meir Panim, ALEH, Children of Sderot, The Jaffa Institute, and Kehilat HaCarmel, C4I acts as a channel by which people can show their compassionate love and support for the Jewish People. Safeguarding against misinformation is also a top priority for C4I. Its educational initiatives include Israel and Christians Today, a bi-monthly newsletter, DVD series productions, and the television series Israel: The Prophetic Connection hosted by C4I America President and CEO Rev. Dr. John Tweedie. C4I America is a sister branch of C4I Canada. Learn more by visiting

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