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How Corrupt are Government Officials in the USA
By R.P. BenDedek / Anthony Peter Keyter
Jul 8, 2011 - 12:35:59 AM

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As the Stand-In Editor for Magic City Morning Star News I receive a lot of emails from people wanting me to publish something for them. I am always happy to oblige. Sometimes however the issue requested to be published is a little suspicious or too personal or too complex.

I recently received a press release from The name 'rang a bell' and after a little research I discovered that I have at various times in the last 2 years published Mr. Keyter's Press Releases, letters and announcements, but without actually investigating the matters about which he writes. As I looked into the matters he presents, I became astounded by what I found.

So today I would like to just introduce to you some excerpts from Anthony Peter Keyter . com which was last updated on July 5th, 2011. On Sunday I will publish the latest press release:

R.P. Bendedek


Anthony Peter Website Information:

This website endeavors to bring public attention to an international criminal endeavor operating with impunity within the United States of America and further abroad. The criminal activities originated as gross official misconduct in the courts of the United States, where efforts to cover up crimes committed by US government and judicial officials escalated into attempts upon the life of a primary court witness. The abortive kidnap and murder attempts upon the key witness in turn led directly to the death of 158 people.

All investigation and prosecution of these heinous crimes has been suppressed and the criminal endeavor has increased in scope and transcended national boundaries in terms of the locale in which the perpetrators operate and seek asylum. Besides the US Government officials involved, other criminal conspirators include industry officials from Air India, the Boeing Company, and the Ford Motor Company; and organization officials from NATO, the European Union, and the United Nations. Executives from these international organizations, governments, and industries have combined and acted in concert to obstruct - by violence - the administration of justice upon their criminal enterprise.

It is trusted that public awareness of this international criminal endeavor will generate an effective countermeasure to the tyranny, in order to restore 'the rule of law' within the affected countries and organizations and to bring to justice those persons responsible for the murder of 158 innocent people and attempted murder of a witness.

About the International Criminal Endeavor

Often, when officials cover up minor offenses committed by peers it leads to more serious offenses in order to sustain the cover up. Consequently, an ever increasing spiral of crime and deception results from which it is difficult to escape. The case presented herewith is a powerful example of the potential for tyranny when official misconduct is not arrested in its infancy, but concealed and allowed to proliferate. - The curse of impunity afforded to law-breaking (but powerful) government and industry officials, has precipitated much grief in our time. The purpose of this website is to help eradicate that impunity.

Pertinent Cases:

Terrorism & Murder Case
USA vs Obama and Cabinet
USA vs US Supreme Court Justices
USA vs 111th Congress
USA v. Bush, Roberts, Gonzales & Mueller
USA v. 14,164 Seditious Conspirators
USA v. 110th Congress
Keyter v. George W. Bush
Keyter vs. Bush, Roberts, Gonzales & Mueller
Keyter v. The Boeing Company
Keyter v. 230 Government Officers

About Anthony Keyter

Anthony is a naturalized citizen of the United States and is a resident of the picturesque town of Gig Harbor in Washington State. Until recently he was a Senior Instructor Pilot with the Boeing Company in Seattle.

After military service as a paratrooper in an airborne unit, his early career was spent as a test pilot flying high performance jet fighters. A keen sportsman and adventurer, Anthony has climbed the 14,500-foot Mount Rainier, and has dog-sledded across many miles of Alaskan winter wilderness.

In his younger life Anthony kayaked numerous rivers of his native South Africa, including a 400-mile stretch of the inhospitable Orange River. He is also an enthusiastic sports aviator having owned a Tiger Moth biplane for 27 years.

Anthony holds a Masters Degree in physics and space science from the University of Houston and is a keen musician.

Through the pursuit of justice in the United States courts, Anthony became an eyewitness to crimes committed by senior US government officials. His testimony against official misconduct in the courts made him the target of an abortive US Government assassination plot in order to silence his witness and to prevent public exposure of profound lawlessness within the United States Government. Since January 2002, Anthony has, without success, sought protection of the laws and sought to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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