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Demand Senate to vote NO! on the Crest Act
By Charles Benninghoff
Jul 30, 2014 - 7:27:47 AM

Dear American Patriot

A new piece of legislation is being promoted that will turn future Temecula Heroes into federal felons. Simply by exercising one's right to assemble, petition government and speak about wrongful government actions, this new bill will turn all of us into felons any time we speak out about the invasion of our shores.

Thus, I urge you to act and act NOW by sending your urgent FaxGrams to the Senate demanding that the CREST ACT be stopped in its tracks!

As a disabled combat veteran myself, I appreciate John McCain's military service, and I will not belittle that. However, the travesties that he keeps manufacturing make him one of the most liberal politicians!

Mr. McCain seems to get all the main stream media attention because everything he says follows exactly what Obama and the proponents of the so-called "New World Order" want to hear. It is time for him to go, America. He is a dangerous, senile old fool who is a warmonger and his words mean problems for America every time he opens that mouth of his.

With that said, look at what he is doing now: turning patriots into felons because they exercise their constitutionally-protected right to free speech, assembly and petitioning their government!

Please act immediately to tell the Senate to NOT support McCain's new legislation called the CREST ACT (S. 2619).

McCain is about to begin heavily pushing this disastrous CREST Act that actually makes it easier for more illegal aliens to flood the nation.

Americans must act, and act NOW!

The "CREST Act" (Children Returning an Expedited and Safe Timeline Act) will do the following:

  • Make it a federal crime to tell someone where a Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Human Health and Services (HHS) or Border Patrol bus carrying illegal aliens is spotted, coming from or headed.
  • Makes it a federal crime to inhibit a DHS, HHS or Border Patrol bus from moving from point A to point B.
  • Permanently establishes the rights of illegal aliens to invade America's shores without permission and in contravention to all existing US Immigration statues.
  • Does absolutely nothing to secure the border and stop the invasion and leaves southern borders permanently wide open.
  • Creates a communication channel between HHS and states about newly recommended facilities for housing illegal aliens.
  • Opens NEW U.S. processing facilities in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for the purpose of processing illegal aliens on foreign soil and, thereby, expediting their entry into the United States to a community near you.
  • Calls for 15,000 "refugees" from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to be expeditiously processed on foreign soil and transported into the U.S. this year alone.

The level of U.S. government involvement in fostering the invasion plaguing America right now is staggering. Once we scratch beyond the mainstream media's shallow surface we find layer upon layer of perfidy. And even with these layers laid directly at the foot of the government, Congress will do absolutely nothing to address it or represent the will of the people unless we, the People, speak up and do so loudly!

Thus, I urge you to send your FaxGrams now to the Senate demanding a NO vote on the CREST ACT!

This is just mind-numbing.

Barack Obama doesn't even need to abuse his executive powers because John McCain is doing all of Obama's dirty work by himself.

We must send immediately the maximum number of FaxGrams to both the Senate and the House to alert all of them to STOP this INSANITY!


Charles Benninghoff,
Founder Tea Party Army

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