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An Appeal to Stop the Persecution of American Citizens
By Various
Aug 10, 2014 - 12:17:31 AM

I received the following article in an email. It concerns an appeal to all American Citizens across both the spectrum and the country to help an American Citizen who is being persecuted in America by the American Government. This is the same government which is spying on American Citizens; arbitrarily decides which foods you can and cannot eat, and which, in order to win votes, withdrew troops from Iraq and now finds itself back at square one protecting the Kurds of Iraq (here and here). But who will protect Americans from the American Government?

Will you read this article and do what you can to help this American Citizen?

R.P. BenDedek

I'm writing to you about an important opportunity in our fight to stop the radical environmental movement from controlling local government decisions.

As you may know, Virginia farmer Martha Boneta has experienced incredible harassment, the threat of an IRS audit and outright collusion between the local environmental group, Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC). In all my dealings with such groups across the country, I find the PEC to be one of the most vicious. Perhaps that's because I too live in Fauquier County where Martha resides.

Why do I call this an opportunity? Because Martha Boneta has had the courage to challenge and defy them. She has endured every attack they can muster, including invasion of her property for on-sight inspections under the excuse of the conservation easement they forced on her. There has also been an apparent collusion between the PEC and certain officials in the county government that has made the harassment so much worse, including the threat of huge fines. And when Martha stood up and said "no more," she found herself mysteriously facing an IRS audit. Coincidentally, the person who used to head up the IRS under Bill Clinton is on the PEC board of directors.

Now, as Martha's law suit against them comes up in court, the PEC is moving to have all evidenced sealed by the court in order to hide any of their previous wrong doing that could come out at the trial. The actions of the PEC and its selected puppets in the county government are right in line with what is happening in hundreds of communities across the nation. And that's why I say we have a chance to make this an historic trial. This is a chance for our side to wage a show trial to finally let the general public see what you and I have known about this movement for years.

This is not a local issue in Fauquier County, VA. The main result of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policy is the massive growth and power of government -- leading to corruption and vicious enforcement such power always brings about. The Piedmont Environmental Council is just one of hundreds (if not thousands) of such local groups operating in every community in American. The PEC, and others like them across the nation, have incredible power and wealth because our elected officials give it to them. If we are to have any hope of preserving our freedom, then they must be stopped.

This is an evil that lives in the dark corners of every community in the nation. Martha is paving the way to expose it in one case. She needs our help. If she can win against the PEC here in Virginia, it will set a precedent for every one of us in our own area of the nation. This is a national issue!

The situation is urgent. Martha's case comes up August 11th. The date was suddenly selected by a judge who is no friend to the property rights movement. Martha needs a massive show of support for her efforts. This is a chance for our entire movement to stand united and score a major victory against a group that represents everything we are fighting to stop. A chink in their armor here can reverberate across the nation.

My greatest asset is that I know so many leaders in the nationwide property rights movement who have incredible talents that can help expose this cause. That's why I'm writing to you today. Martha needs your help.

So, I'm asking, would you be willing to help us put a mighty spotlight on this trial through articles and information released from your group exposing the situation. We can't let Martha fight this battle alone. Together we can make this the celebrated cause that can unite our entire movement.

What can you do to help?

First: my organization, the American Policy Center, is doing all we can with very limited resources. I have personally written a petition calling for a congressional investigation into the Piedmont Environmental Council. So far we have gathered about 2,000 signatures over the past week. That isn't near enough to get any serious attention. We need a minimum of 500,000. Once we have that many, Martha and I intend to hold a news conference on Capitol Hill and present them to Members of Congress.

Here's a copy of that petition:

Please send this petition to your own list of supporters and to any other outlet you have access to. We need it everywhere -- on website banners, linked in articles, on blogs -- you name it.

Second: Also linked below is an article detailing Martha's fight. Please consider either forwarding this article -- or better yet, writing your own version of it and spreading it far and wide.

Third: If you have an association with a legal foundation or a means to help in the courts, or if you can provide legal advice and support, perhaps even a Friend of the Court Brief, if appropriate, she desperately needs everything you can do.

You and I need to create a firestorm over this issue. Her story needs to be everywhere. On local and national radio and television; in newspapers; everywhere. Don't let the PEC have a minute of peace -- just as they have done to Martha. She has been courageous in her fight. She has taken hit after hit to her reputation, her pocket book and to the peace of her family. But she remains undeterred in her determination to fight this battle for all of us.

She has given us an opportunity to make this THE cause of the property rights movement. In reality, these green bullies like the PEC are cowards who hate the light of day shining on their activities. So let's show a bully how it really feels when their victims decide to fight back!

This is your call to action. Stand with Martha and begin the push back for freedom!

If you would like to discuss this issue and ways you can help, please feel free to contact me or Martha Boneta. My email address is Martha's is Martha and I and all the local team helping her fight this battle deeply appreciate any help you can give to this cause.

If we can succeed in diminishing the power and influence of the PEC in Fauquier County, Virginia, then we can start a firestorm that will free local governments from the tyranny of Sustainable Development across the nation.


Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center

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