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Michael Heath

What I Believe, What I Don't Believe
By Michael S. Heath
Apr 7, 2005 - 5:11:00 AM

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I suppose the role of public figure has fallen to me. As leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine I have been in the public’s eye since 1994. Our success in resisting the homosexual rights movement has increased public exposure for me over the years. The personal and moral nature of this political contest made me into a “lightening rod.”

Since much is written about me publicly by people I’ve never met I thought it might be helpful to put down a few thoughts from the “horse’s mouth,” so to speak.

First, I don’t hate anybody.  I do hate Satan. I hate evil. I despise the fact that citizens committed to Christian righteousness are increasingly treated with disdain by so many. Maine’s House Speaker has hinted that I am “homophobic.” I think the word is silly. If what he means by that is that I’m afraid of “gays” he is wrong. I’m not.

Many allege that I think Maine employers should fire “gays,” and that “gays” should be booted from apartments and be denied service in restaurants and banks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing.

I do, however, think that all sex outside of marriage MUST be discouraged in every possible way if a society wants to lay claim to the designation “civilization.” I don’t like barbarism, moral relativism or sin. I do like the old fashioned notion of shame. People should be ashamed when they do something wrong.  All sex outside of marriage is wrong.

Maine is wrong to recognize sexual immorality as a trigger for any legal rights, recognition or protections. Sex outside of marriage should be discouraged. It must never be referenced in either a neutral or positive way in law. For example, we must get rid of “sexual orientation” in our hate crimes act, or civil rights act. We should protect all people from harassment regardless of the reason for the harassment. We don’t need “sexual orientation” to appear anywhere in law.

Some writers claim that I speak for all Christians. I have never felt that way, nor have I ever made that claim.  I speak for the Christian Civic League of Maine. I am her executive director.

I think Christianity is understandable. It can be defined, and we all must work at doing that in honest communication with one another. I am not God, nor do I have a direct line to Him. I respect all people, Christian and non-Christian. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart, and find His gospel to be realistic, satisfying and true. I base this conclusion on my experiences in life, parenting and working. I love what the Bible has to say about God. I enjoy honest conversations with everyone I have the opportunity to communicate with about God, truth, morality, law, politics, parenting, faith etc. I am loathe to judge. God is our judge. A judgment day is coming.

Christianity, to me, is less an ideology or superstition than it is a way of life. It is a realistic and practical moral system. More importantly, it is an explanation for the presence of evil in the world. Christianity provides a uniquely satisfying explanation. Evil is something that is in us, and all around us. We are all infected.

Many writers attempt to make me out to be a person who believes that I wear a white hat while everyone who disagrees with me wears a black hat. This is inaccurate. I have never believed this.

We are all fallen creatures. We are all infected by evil. No amount of good works or actions is adequate to save me, or anyone else. God provides a way out for me and for all fallen sexual beings . . . for all humans. That way out is not through the creation of perfect laws, nations or societies. It isn’t through personal righteousness and good deeds. The way out is through faith in Jesus Christ.

This faith will cause us to conclude that the Ten Commandments are good and true. It will cause us to conclude that marriage really is between one man and one woman for life. It will cause us to hate divorce. This faith gives us the courage to stand against evil, and not make it personal. This faith helps us recognize, understand and accept the place for the sword, the use of force . . . sometimes lethal.

Christianity is not about weakness. It is strong. It is real. It is about a peace that is not dependent on this world, and our circumstances. Christ helps us every day, and in every way.

Choosing any sex outside of marriage – heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or trangendered – is morally wrong. Failure to repent and walk away from this sin leads to destruction and disorder in this life, and hell in the next.

It is an honor to serve the League. I am an unworthy servant thankful for the opportunity to stand and fight for the truth. I serve at the pleasure of a statewide base of churches and supporters. I have always taken this responsibility very seriously.

That is a glimpse at some of my current thoughts.

I conclude with a brief description of my family.

I have been very happily married to Paulie for the past 23 years. I have three sons who make me proud. My oldest son is studying to be a history teacher. My seventeen year old is enlisted in the US Marine Corp. He graduates from High School this year and ships for boot camp on August 1. My 16 year old is leaning toward an enlistment in the US Marines.

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Michael Heath
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