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Michael Heath

The Religious Left and the Corruption of Man
By Michael Heath
Nov 7, 2004 - 5:40:00 AM

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For forty minutes the world's most famous "gay" man lectured Colby students and faculty Thursday night, November 4th in the college chapel. V. Gene Robinson, ordained Bishop of the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire exactly one year ago, told the group numbering approximately 200 that the religious right is neither religious or right. This was one of just two applause lines the whole evening. The only other short interruption of applause came when he offered another slur against Christians.

Robinson left his wife a number of years ago to live with a man. He is the only openly homoerotic Bishop in the Episcopal Church. His actions are causing convulsions within the worldwide Anglican community.

He placed the blame for "polarization" in both christendom and politics on the appeal to fear. Robinson was critical of both Bush and Kerry, Republicans and Democrats. While making his support for the Democrat party's ideals abundantly clear, he said both groups are wrong to appeal to fear.

Like a cat playing with a mouse before she consumes it, Robinson left no doubt about what he is warring against. Christian believers are his enemy. He is a fine tuned machine grinding out one disconnected and shallow assertion after another.

The college and Robinson demonstrated disdain for reason and thought in the chapel last night. Claiming that the world is a complex place in relation to abortion he said that we all must learn to live with nuance. He absurdly claimed, "We must learn to hold two opposing truths in tension."

And this seemed to be the major point of his lecture on the politics of polarization and the search for community. Robinson thinks we all need to be nuanced. While the educated elites at Colby were lulled into complacency about all things true by Robinson's nuance nonsense I can think of at least one man in the world who isn't. Osama Bin Laden knows better. There was nothing nuanced about 5000 slaughtered innocent Americans on 9/11. Nothing.

Here's the match up if Robinson and his ilk gain control over America -- nuance blatherers against Islamist holy warriors. Any doubt who wins in that match up?

Robinson answered that question. He said that we must transcend conflict and competition with "reconciliation." Thats like saying to the cat she must love and hug her victim while she licks the last remnants of the mouse from her satisfied lips. It is absurd nonsense.

Reconciliation isn't possible when one of the parties is dead. Terrorists want us dead. This homoerotic bishop wants to kill Christianity. That's not "reconciliation." That is war. The Bishop is waging a war while he says that he isn't. And nobody in the audience saw it, or if they did they didn't call him on it.

It is not time for reconciliation. Either the Bishop's radical redefinition of family and marriage is going to prevail, or the truth about marriage and family is going to prevail. Period. That's it. That is the bottom line.

Robinson doesn't have either the intelligence to see it, or the courage to proclaim it. Any Christian lulled into complacency by Robinson's siren song needs to check their spiritual and intellectual pulse.

The time for reconciliation will come when either he wins or traditionalists win. And, like the Jews on Masada, it will be true for some of us that death is preferrable to a "reconciled" life, if that life includes the acceptance of moral evils like sodomy and moral/ideological relativism.

In the 20th century's best analysis of education entitled "The Abolition of Man" C.S. Lewis observes that "Aristotle says that the aim of education is to make the pupil like and dislike what he ought." This training makes the student competent to find the "first principles in Ethics." Lewis calls those who fail in this essential mission "corrupt" men and concludes that the first principles in Ethics "will never be visible at all (to them) and he can make no progress in that science."

Colby College taught their students last night to love homosexuality and hate truth. Colby College taught their students, in the campus chapel, that nuance is the first principle in Ethics. Paul the apostle would refer to this corruption as a lowering of the eyes from the creator to the created (Romans 1).

Somebody was worshipped in the Colby Chapel on Thursday night alright. And it wasn't God, truth or reason.

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Michael Heath
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