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Michael Heath

Norway Savings Bank Celebrates Homosexuality
By Michael S. Heath
Mar 10, 2005 - 5:40:00 AM

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Homosexuals sold out their annual banquet on Saturday night (last night) in Portland. If you want money for a pathetic cause in Maine then celebrate sodomy and pretend that it is "equality." You will get the Norway Savings Bank, Hannaford Brothers, Verizon and the American Cancer Society to pitch in if you tell them that discrimination is wrong. Apparently they won't ask the obvious question, "Discrimination against what?"

For centuries civilization has discriminated against sexual sin. Leaders used to know that there is a direct correlation between the strength of a society and the strength of her families. No more.

Now the marker for success is clearly decadence. If you want to succeed in Maine and be part of the "IN" crowd then you'll give money to "Equality Maine" so they can tell your middle school age daughters and granddaughters that they might be lesbians ... or maybe transgendered.

Maybe you are too busy watching Survivor on television to care. Maine used to be known as a state of survivors who drew on the strength of family, faith and freedom to get through brutal winters with little money. Now we are too busy figuring out how to use the six remotes in our home theatres to move our bank accounts out of Norway Saving Bank. We are too busy to change phone providers, or move to a different grocery store.

You know what.

Maine is blessed because there were enough Christians with common sense, courage and energy in 1997 to veto homosexual rights. In 1998 there were enough to win the peoples veto election outspent ten to one and beat upon by all Maine's elite. In 2000 there were enough to suck it up under the media onslaught of political correctness to win an unethical referendum by the Legislature on homosexuality.

My sense meeting with pastors groups and Christians in Maine in recent weeks is that we are trying to make up our mind. We are deciding whether the fight is worth it anymore. We are deciding whether to continue to go underground with our Christian convictions, or remain publicly faithful.

I don't know what you are going to do.

I have decided what I am going to do.

I am going to get up very early every morning that I can and I am going to do battle with the homosexual movement in Maine until either the League fires me or the homosexual movement takes me out.

Now, if homosexuals can get 450 people out to an "Equality" celebration with $1000 dollar level support from Hannaford can you please tell me why the League has to struggle to get 200 out to a fall banquet that celebrates common sense? And we don't even make money on our banquet. One year we made it a fund raiser and brought in $10,000 over our expenses. Otherwise it's been not just tough sledding, it has been impossible sledding.

Given the dangerous and decadent cultural climate out there we should be raising one hundred thousand dollars at our banquet. It would be easy if Christians and multi generational Mainers had any guts. Instead I have to listen continuously to whining about my tone and style from Christians who are reading people like JP Devine, Todd Benoit and Bill Nemitz and BELIEVING THEM.

If Christians don't wake up and rally around the League then Maine will deserve the "creative economy" (read hippie communes) that Augusta wants to impose on Dexter, Millinocket and Ellsworth.

If you have the guts to fight for your family, faith and freedom then you better stop simply reading, praying and guffawing. You better do something this week. We need help at the League. And we need it now.

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Michael Heath
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