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Michael Heath

Matters of Public Morality
By Michael Heath
Jun 10, 2005 - 3:41:00 PM

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Each day, the mass media expends rivers of ink in an effort to portray the “Religious Right” as villains. The photos of conservative religious leaders which are published in our daily newspapers are invariably dark and sinister. Yet the so-called Religious Right represents, in the final analysis, the traditional values of the American people.

Those whom we may call the “Religious Left” on the other hand, represent the values of the Liberal elite. Yet it is this same Religious Left who stands in the public square, lifting its eyes to Heaven for all to see, and proclaiming itself to be the sole authority on matters of public morality.

But public pronouncements of one’s own morality prove nothing. Character is very much a matter of private morality. So let us take the briefest look at one church which has put the theories of the Religious Left into practice.

The ethics of any institution is the ethics of its leadership, and the case of Trinity Episcopal Church in Tilton, New Hampshire is no different. The church is under the direction of Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop of the Episcopal Church.

Gene Robinson, whose full legal name is Vicky Gene Robinson, is now living with a man, after having divorced his wife, and leaving his two daughters behind. Trinity Episcopal Church had hired a convicted felon as - of all things – a youth counselor. This same youth counselor then proceeded to molest two four year old girls, and to steal $4000 from the food pantry.

This could be dismissed as an unfortunate accident, were it not for that fact that only last week, the treasurer of the church was arrested and charged with embezzling more than one-hundred thousand dollars. To complicate matters, the pastor of the church recently resigned under circumstances which called into question her competence.

Despite their claim of being the final arbiters of public morality, the Religious Left is in fact rotten to the core with immorality. Gene Robinson has spoken often of the need for each individual to determine the “gray” areas of morality for themselves; and that is exactly what the members of Trinity Episcopal Church did.

Those who are either unwilling or unable to understand the value of matters as simple as marriage and innocent unborn life are unlikely to come to any correct valuation of any other aspect of life. Their exclusive claim to words like “tolerance” “fairness” and “equality” inevitably rings hollow, because they have forgotten the first principle of any ethical consideration - righteousness.

The recent remarks of Rev. Vicky Gene Robinson are pertinent in this regard. Speaking to a representative of Planned Parenthood, he said “Planned Parenthood is an organization that I have always admired and respected. It does an extraordinarily fine work, and I am very happy to be associated with it.” Vicky Gene Robinson was also the featured speaker at a national Planned Parenthood Interfaith Prayer Breakfast in April of this year.

We in the “Religious Right” are also questioning values these days. We are beginning to question the value of a mass media which portrays those who stand for traditional American values as villains, and those who represent the forces of moral anarchy as saints.

As a great poet once said, “The Devil is all the more devilish for being respectable.” Surely there can be no greater evil than to portray the proponents of euthanasia, gay marriage, and partial birth abortion - what Pope John Paul II lumped together under the rubric of “The Ideology of Evil” - as Angels of Light.


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Michael Heath
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