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Michael Heath

"I am Sick of This!"
By Michael S. Heath
Apr 23, 2005 - 2:38:00 PM

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A lineman for a Maine electrical company declared this week, “I am sick of this.” He had been out gathering signatures on the people’s veto of “gay rights.” He called into the office of the Maine Grassroots Coalition with questions about the process. Half way through his conversation -- exasperated by this unprecedented FOURTH signature drive in ten years on “gay rights” – he let his emotions show. I am sick of this, he exclaimed.

Recently the Lewiston Sun Journal cast off all restraint and demonstrated enormously poor journalistic judgment, revealing in the process that they are a propaganda sheet for the homosexual rights movement and not a serious daily newspaper. They may have ruined the ministry of a reformed drug addict who runs a Pentecostal ministry called “The Jesus Party.” For years Doug Taylor and his wife Sonya have provided a safe place for children to come and do something other than stumble onto internet porn sites and learn about safe sex techniques. They have helped them have fun in the name of Jesus. Oh dear.

Pastor Doug Taylor portrayed scaring a little boy who has been propagandized by homosexual extemists at a public hearing on the PBS Buster Cartoon in Lewiston Maine.
Doug is a passionate Christian man. He feels strongly about many things. He was so concerned about the integrity of the Buster cartoon program that he risked speaking out publicly at their recent hearing. Subsequent to the hearing they aired the controversial program that puts a high gloss on all things lesbian while hiding the dark underbelly of creating and raising fatherless children.

After the hearing a man pushed an eleven year old boy into Pastor Doug’s face. The Lewiston Sun Journal photographer was only too happy to capture the moment as the propagandized eleven year old stands in horror while Doug attempts to comfort him on his knees. The picture is chilling. The story is appalling. The newspaper should be ashamed of itself. They should fire the editor and issue a public apology. We won’t be holding our breath waiting for that to happen, but that would be the just and proper thing to do.

What makes the newspaper story even worse is the accompanying photograph. Two lesbians are pictured adoring one another arm in arm as one of them holds a baby. The juxtaposition of the pictures creates a sense of wonder, awe and beauty about lesbianism and fatherless babies while it trashes Christianity. It is a truly evil and pathetic example of journalism.
Two lesbians hold a baby at the public hearing.

According to Paul Madore, a Catholic man from Lewiston who has been faithful and courageous in the pro family fight for years, the effect of the story has been to chill free speech. Good Christian people in Lewiston who have seen the story tell him they must now “keep their heads down” or the media will do the same thing to them.

Those who are pure in doctrine should be careful not to observe the picture of Doug and think, “Oh well, he deserves it. After all, he is one of those Pentecostals.” Believe me Mr. Baptist, Catholic, atheist who doesn’t like homosexuality . . . you are next. This special minority group isn’t going to be happy until you are gay about lesbianism, cross dressing and pedophilia.

Paul Madore is not a do nothing man. He was born in Lewiston. He has lived there all his life. He called the newspaper’s publisher, Mr. Jim Costello. He got a meeting the next day, Friday, April 22, 2005. He took Doug Taylor with him. Costello had Rex Rhodes, the editor, in the meeting.

Taylor talked about how he was forced to remove the signage from his van advertising his ministry, change the route he takes to work, and leave town for two days after the story ran. He lives in an apartment and ministers to working class people. The propagandizing aspect of the picture and story did its job on his neighbors.

Rhodes said it was Taylor’s fault for being against “gay rights.”

Madore ignored Rhodes, a rabid liberal, and addressed Costello during the meeting. At one point, when Rhodes was trying to defend his evil deed, Madore brushed him off with a gesture and said, “Rex, save it . . . just save it. I stopped reading your newspaper years ago.”

Costello offered Taylor a 700 word column so he can defend himself. Madore suggested that the paper run a retraction and apology. I think they should do a truly objective news story on Doug and his ministry top of the fold. They should take a look at media bias in the story, and interview people who are upset with what they did.

As Madore was leaving Costello allowed that it is tough running a newspaper. Madore said, “Jim, it doesn’t have to be that tough.”

I am sick of this. How about you?

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Michael Heath
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