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Michael Heath

How "Gay Rights" Equals "Same Sex Marriage"
By Michael S. Heath
Apr 5, 2005 - 9:08:00 AM

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There is only one way to stop "same sex marriage" from visiting Maine. That is by using the people's veto to overturn the Governor's "gay rights" law. Some Mainers are confused about this. Some politicians are not telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The Governor says that he is for "same sex marriage," just not yet. That is a convenient ruse that may get him reelected. He gets to win the passionate support of the "gay" lobby without giving them everything they want.

The truth is he may never have to fight for "same sex marriage." The Maine Civil Liberties Union is ready to pull the trigger on lawsuits that will put the matter of same sex marriage before the courts. They are waiting for the Governor's bill to become enforceable. That will happen on June 29, 2005 unless the Coalition for Marriage is successful with their People's Veto.

The Governor's "gay rights" bill is essential to "same sex marriage." That is why so many politicians, usually sensitive to the wishes of voters, ignored voters this year so they could pass "gay rights." The marriage battle is joined all over the country, but Maine is behind. As the Governor likes to remind us, Maine is the only state without a "gay rights" law. He unsuccessfully attempts to turn this badge of honor into a symbol of shame.

Maine is proud to be for family, common sense and marriage. The Governor cannot overturn these institutions and ideas without adding "sexual orientation" to the human rights act. That has been step one on the road to "same sex marriage" since the "gay" activist movement got rolling in the 1970s. Here it is 2005, and they still haven't gotten it done in Maine. How embarrassing for the Governor and those who want to force all of us, including our children, to appreciate all things homosexual, bisexual and trangendered.

Politicians say that the Governor's "gay rights" bill is only about discrimination, and not about "same sex marriage." As my good friend Paul Madore frequently reminds me, "You'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind to believe that!" The truth is that the Governor's bill is only about "same sex marriage." Maine people don't discriminate against citizens who keep their sexually aberrant behavior to themselves. We do get a little antsy when people shove it in our face, and when it is being presented to our children and grandchildren as a normal alternative lifestyle choice.

If this year's People's Veto of homosexual rights is unsuccessful look for things to get worse, not better, in our society.

Editor's Note: Zachary Heiden, managing attorney for the Maine Civil Liberties Union, stated, in a telephone conversation: "The Maine Civil Liberties Union supports relationship recognition for same-sex couples, but we have no plans at this time to file any lawsuits relating to same-sex marriage or civil unions."

However, I will be shocked if the MCLU does not do so. The steps that the legislature and governor have taken is the first step toward that end, and I am certain that the MCLU will do its part to bring it about once the threat of a citizen's referendum is out of the way. Note that Mr. Heiden did not say that the MCLU would not do so. -- Ken Anderson

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Michael Heath
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