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Michael Heath

Homosexual Group Wants Board to Fire Me
By Michael Heath
Sep 3, 2004 - 5:57:00 AM

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My observation about the ludicrous "gay gene" theory in relationship to the Governor's equally ludicrous promise to push homosexuality is drawing fire. He made his "gay" promise as part of a press conference on Wednesday concerning something called the "creative economy." You can read everything I've said at our forum: (The link for our "forum" used to appear here.  It was hacked and destroyed in March of 2005.  The hacker replaced the forum with obscenities.  Click here to visit the League's website )

Some Christians are, no doubt, going to say that my comments lacked grace, love and style. I chose my words with the example of John the Baptist, and other prophets, in mind. Many Christians, Jesus included, spoke creatively and forcefully to powerful leaders. John Baldacci is a powerful leader who has absolutely no respect for the beliefs that we hold dear. He is pushing the homosexual agenda more effectively than any previous governor. Homosexual activists know this. And they know that the most efficient strategy is to demonize me, while they create their legal "gay" culture without the public's support or understanding.

Are you complacent about the term "sexual orientation?" If so, you better start paying attention. Evil forces in our state are using it to train your kids and grandkids to think that all sex -- with anything, anybody, anywhere -- is good, right and noble. A friend of mine accurately describes this as a "pansexual jihad."

If that doesn't make you mad, make your spine tingle a bit, get your blood boiling, then you are obviously not going to be part of the solution and you may be part of the problem. A problem that is -- as I write this morning -- splitting the global Anglican communion, helping define a presidential contest and threatening the future existence of western civilization. If we bury Christianity under philosophy, politics and power then will we not have killed the west?

Winston Churchill, in the early 30's, told the people of England that Hitler was evil. They threw him out of office and embraced an appeaser. Most of what I see around me, from Christian leaders even, is appeasment with the concept of "sexual orientation." This is mental, theological and moral laziness.

Sexual orientation is nothing more than a euphemism for lust. The Governor wants to ban discrimination on the basis of lust? Give me a break. If every pulpit in Maine isn't condemning this foolishness God will surely withdraw His blessing on Maine, and rightly so.

And there is no excuse for ignorance.

General Tommy Frank spoke at the Republican convention last night. He justified the war on terror referencing today's imminent threat to his grandchildren. Our children and grandchildren are staring down the gun barrel at a more serious threat than terrorism. This threat lurks within. Christians aren't willing to tell the truth about sodomy, not to mention the infinite variety of other unmentionable sexual sins. Surely this is a sign of cultural and moral surrender. No good Christian can stand silently by and watch their community go to hell to satisfy something as banal as sexual urges.

To those who would now choose to criticize my words of the past couple days I'm inspired by this week's Republican convention to observe that we're in a cultural war the likes of which we've never before seen in this country to preserve the virtue and common sense of humanity. What do you want me to use..... spitballs?

Now would be a good time to let the League know of your support. Send contributions to Christian Civic League of Maine, 70 Sewall Street, Augusta, ME 04330.

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Michael Heath
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