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Michael Devolin

Western Academia's War against the Jews
By Michael Devolin
Jun 30, 2013 - 12:17:19 AM

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Rusi Jaspal writes, " opinion poll in Jordan, which incidentally maintains diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, reveals that 99% of respondents held unfavourable opinions about Jews. Thus, it is reasonable to predict that in those nations in which anti-Semitic imagery are commonplace and encouraged by the national institutions, endorsement of anti-Semitic prejudice will be high." I wish to expose the egregious reality of Jewish university students and professors being harassed, even physically abused, simply because they're Jewish, with faculty and presidents looking on, as if from a window far removed, as if such persecution is not happening.

In his book Studying the Jew: Scholarly Antisemitism in Nazi Germany, Alan E. Steinweis reveals how German academia, tasked by Nazi Education Minister Bernhard Rust to "study Jews" within the insane context of Hitler's "anti-Semitism of reason," came up with all kinds of justifications to discriminate against Jews. Steinweis writes, "They were dishonest scholars, but scholars nonetheless. Their careers and their work violated the presumption that the scholar has the responsibility to use knowledge honestly and for positive ends. In the final analysis, the great failing of the Nazi anti-Semitic scholars was more ethical than intellectual"

Could the same not be said of present day Western academia, those haters of all Jews who confess a connection to, or support for, the State of Israel? Is not their tenure and professorship within the Western academia become a malevolently constructed imprimatur for their anti-Semitism and their overt condemnation of all things Israeli, even the Jews of Israel? How else to explain, in contradistinction, their total silence in regards to human rights abuses in non-democratic, tyrannical and preponderantly Muslim populated countries around the world? Why this obsession with the State of Israel and the Jews?

In his book 'Nazi Germany and the Jews' Saul Friedlander informs us that "During the year 1933, about twelve hundred Jews holding academic positions would be dismissed." In his blog Israeli Advocate, in the article Islamic Fascism on California Campuses, Jerry Sobel informs us that "At the conclusion of the 'Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust' event in Berkeley, the SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) held a counter demonstration. They chained shut the doors to Wheeler Hall, barring entrance to anyone they deemed to be Jewish. An 11 year, tenured Jewish Professor at Berkeley, Mel Gordon attempted to enter the building and was surrounded by SJP members. He was spat upon and beaten so badly he required immediate medical attention." How is the anti-Jewish hatred of Nazi Germany's academia any different from the anti-Jewish hatred taking place today not only at Berkeley, but also in numerous other Western universities? These dark parallels should not go unnoticed, but they do. Nothing changes for the Jews, from then until now.

It is a fact of history that German Jewish professors were also physically abused--just as Professor Gordon was abused--less than a decade before they were dismissed from their jobs and less than a decade before the Nazis and their collaborators began transporting the same Jewish professors to extermination camps in Poland. In light of all the malevolent proclamations made today by Muslim clerics against Israel and the Jews, in light of the threatening nature of these pro-Palestinian protesters, many of them Muslim, one need not be a genius to surmise the atrocious fate these fanatics intend for Jewish faculty members and students. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

Gaius Julius Caesar wrote: "All bad precedents began as justifiable measures." I cannot help but wonder what will be the consequences for those Jewish faculty and students who have enough backbone to stand up to these duplicitous tyrants, brave souls like Tammi Rossman- Benjamin, a lecturer at UC, and Leila Beckwith, Professor Emeritus, Department of Pediatrics, UC at Los Angeles. If those in leadership positions, people like Mark Yudof, President of the University of California, refuse to reverse this dire situation and leave unpunished those who are inciting anti-Jewish hatred on campus, I have little hope for the future of both Jewish students and faculty members.

Saul Friedlander tells the story of Dr. Abraham Heller, a German Jew who, being awarded summa cum laude after defending his dissertation while attending Berlin University moved to Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv he received word from Nazi Germany that his diploma would not be granted because, as a Jew, he was "unworthy of bearing a German academic title." Then in 1961 Dr. Heller wrote to Humboldt University in East Berlin to receive his doctoral diploma. He received no reply. It was discovered later that Dr. Heller was snubbed because the university considered his dissertation anti-communist. Mr. Friedlander finishes the narrative: "In 1992, fifty-seven years after Heller had in fact been deemed worthy of the doctoral degree, two representatives of Humboldt University came to his home in Israel and presented him with his diploma."

First Dr. Heller was refused his doctorate degree because he was a Jew living in Nazi Germany. Next he was refused his doctorate degree because he was a Jew living in a democratic Israel. Today he would probably receive his doctorate degree, but would, all the same, be harassed and threatened with physical violence simply because of the fact that he was a Jewish professor and therefore a target of Western academia's war against the Jews.

Michael Devolin

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Michael Devolin
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