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Michael Devolin

Vincent Browne: A Consistency of Ignorance
By Michael Devolin
Nov 18, 2012 - 12:15:23 AM

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Vincent Browne, an Irish TV talk show host, recently denigrated Israel as "the cancer in foreign affairs" and suggested that Israel "polarizes the Islamic community of the world against the rest of the world."

Let me not be the first to say that Muslims and their Islam are solely at fault for polarizing the "Islamic community" (a contradiction in terms) "against the rest of the world." It's all right there in the Quran. How has the "rest of the world" for so long accepted and perpetuated such a brutish religion as anything but a racist and malefically charged anti-Jewish ideology?

Israel is far more like the "chemo therapy" in foreign affairs: a country so hated by the rest of the world, even for the good it does in rooting out and exposing the real cancer of the world--which is Islam and the terrorism it has given birth to since the time of the Prophet Mohammed. Something as salubrious and beneficent in the world as a Jewish homeland cannot be in any measure appreciated by those whose religious laws teach them to hate and kill everything Jewish.

But Vincent Browne comes of a long line of Irish fools who have chosen Muslim madmen as allies in their fight against the "Brits" and in so doing have felt it would be best to bad-mouth Israel and her Jews just to prove to their terrorist trainers their political mettle. What they have failed to realize is that Israel, long time ago, was invaded and conquered by Muslim "crusaders" just as Ireland, long time ago, was invaded and conquered by the British.

Andrew Browne and his sciolistic ilk fail to look back far enough into the history books to find this injustice done the Jewish people. Or if they have, they ignore the judiciousness of the Jewish struggle against Islamic terrorists and their outlandish claims to Jewish property just as the world ignores the Irish struggle against British claims to Irish property. Both peoples--the Irish and the Israelis--are now ignored, only the Irish have chosen to delegitimize their struggle by opposing a nation of Jews whose brains and brawn could have been much more help to the Irish Republic than the Muslim terrorists whose facinorous achievements consist primarily of inventing their own history and, as a consequence of that religiously inspired fantasy, the imaginary crimes of the State of Israel and the Jewish people en masse.

Vincent Browne is also counted among those Irish anti-Jewish fanatics of long ago Ireland. Most of us who make quaint about Irish history and its folklore have probably overlooked (as I had) its dark side, the part about pogroms against Jews. Who would have believed that James Joyce's Ireland, the Ireland of his Ulysses, contains ugly chapters about persecution of its Jewish inhabitants? Vincent Browne is merely a small cog turning within the consistent ignorance that has moved along this shameful Irish tendency into the 21st century. Old sins cast long shadows.

Bernard McCabe, a London-based Irish journalist, has written that "...Ireland, where no empirical proof seems capable of changing people's minds. Israel, just about the only country in the entire region where Arabs are not rising up against their rulers, is also the only country that the Irish chattering classes unite in condemning. Rather pathetic, really." This is the cultural ambience from which the poison rhetoric of Andrew Browne emanates. And his hatred of the Jews and the State of Israel is not unique, nor is it avant-garde. The Gates of Vienna blog points out that, "...remember that Ireland is a country that was neutral during the Holocaust, that sent condolences to Germany on the death of Hitler, and that refused to allow almost any Jewish refugees in, either before, during or after the war."

So how to explain Ireland's anti-Jewish hatred? I can't. Some peoples, apparently, and usually for religious--not political--reasons, are prone to hating Jews. Andrew Browne and his Irish compatriots are one of those peoples. Mr. McCabe reveals that "Ireland was the last EU country to grant permission for an Israeli embassy--in 1993"! Andrew Browne got it out of the ground: his anti-Semitism grew up between his toes when he was a child, and now that he is an adult, it has reached over his head so far up that it blinds and prevents him from any glimpse or grasp of the truth. As the great Jewish American poet Louis Simpson wrote, "These fools live in earnest."

I consider his anti-Jewish spittle to be the measure of Andrew Browne's character, or more to the point, his lack of intellectual powers. So easy to condemn the Jews; so easy to condemn the State of Israel--a country whose back has been against the wall since 1948 and a people who have been persecuted for simply being Jewish "long before Joshua and Judges, and long before Leviticus committed Deuteronomy" (to quote an old Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem song).

Any idiot can be a loud-mouth anti-Semite. George Galloway is a perfect example of such grotesque phenomenon (and isn't Galloway an Irish name?). But not everyone is cut out to do the right thing--not everyone has the balls. Some lads just run with the wrong crowd. And dear Andrew Browne and the Irish will discover too late that it will never again be the tall English soldiers "marching in through the foggy dew," but rather the Islamists they've befriended, who now live in Ireland, blowing up cars in Dublin. Such are the fruits of a consistency of ignorance.

Michael Devolin

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Michael Devolin
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