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Michael Devolin
There Is No Why
By Michael Devolin
Jul 15, 2012 - 1:10:09 AM

There Is No Why

"Ruth, who wanted everyone to believe what she knew: that the dead truly talk to us, that in the air between the living, spirits bob and weave and laugh with us."
- Alice Sebold, from the Lovely Bones

I could promise you
Great feats of fidelity,
But how should you believe me?
After all, I am a non-Jew,
And non-Jews betrayed you.

I can see you
Pulling up your sleeves
To reveal to the camera the numbers
Tattooed into your forearm.
You were children then,
Are you children forever?

Does such a place
As you now inhabit
Grant you maturity when you enter?
Or have the crimes committed against you
Also robbed you of the time allowed the living?

There is not a day passes
That I don't think of you,
And especially of your childhood--
Whether you remained as children
After the Nazis herded you to the gas chambers.

Did anyone in your heaven
Explain to you
That you did not deserve that death?
Does anyone today
Explain to you
Why Jewish children are still being murdered?

Michael Devolin

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