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Michael Devolin
The Muslim "Palestinians": An Ethnically Cleansed History
By Michael Devolin
Jun 26, 2011 - 12:15:34 AM

Everyone knows that Jews have always inhabited Israel. How can anyone even say the word 'Israel' aloud without thinking of the Jewish people? It's impossible not to... unless you're a Muslim Palestinian whose been inculcated with the revised history of the Middle East being bandied about by the PA and Hamas.

Like Yasser Arafat before him, Mr. Abbas is trying to ideate a "Palestine" without the Jewish people. He is shooting (literally) for an ethnically cleansed version of the term "Palestinian." In Abbas' history of the Middle East, the Jew has never been (nor ever will be) a "Palestinian."

Arab Muslims of Gaza and the West Bank are loath to admit to an Arab Muslim invasion in 666, or to the preceding existence of the Jewish King David's sovereign state long before the advent of Christianity or Islam. They are also loath to admit that before Yasser Arafat's fictional rhapsodizing of the history of the Middle East, the term "Palestinian" comprised simultaneously an Arab and a Jewish identity.

But how to reprove these fiction writers if they are unwilling to acknowledge the REAL history of Palestine--the history that includes the Jewish people? And how to convince Arab Muslims of a continuous and singular Jewish presence in the Middle East when these same Arab Muslims have always been, even before 1948, determined and religiously impelled to propagate to the world that Jews have no right to exist there in the first place?

It is this same religious motivation, and the anti-Jewish hatred it promotes, that has convinced me that Islam is the only obstacle to peace in the Middle East between the Jew and the Muslim. No Islam, no terrorism. No Islam, no unrealistic demands from Arab Muslims, like the laws that prohibit Jews from praying at the site of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. No Islam, no violence perpetrated by Arab Muslims against Jewish settlers who have, historically speaking, more right to build homes than do the Arab Muslims the right to force Jewish families out of those homes.

Islam has always been a driving force behind Arab Muslim hatred of the Jew. Long before 1948, on October 18, 1919, Musa Kazim Pasha al-Husaini, a Muslim and the mayor of Jerusalem, explained, "We are opposed to any rights for Jews...I speak not only for myself but also for all my brothers, the Arabs."* Haj, Amin el-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem announced on January 21, 1944 that, "National Socialist Germany (Nazi Germany) is fighting against world Jewry. The Koran says: 'You will find that the Jews are the worst enemies of the Moslems.'"*

On March 1, 1944 he confirmed yet again Islam's copious hatred of the Jews: "Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion."* It is not like the Jewish settlers and the Zionists are responsible for Arab hatred of the Jews. The beginning of Arab hatred of the Jews can be found in ancient Arab history. It is not a product of Zionist claims to the land of Israel. Arab hatred of the Jew began with the advent of Islam and not, as Mr. Abbas and the Arab world pretends, with the establishment of a second sovereign Jewish state in 1948.

Truth be told, there never was a Palestinian people that did not include both Arab and Jew. Even though the term "Palestinian" has been transmogrified by Islam's propagandists to mean "Arab Muslim" exclusively, historians from the real world who study real history will know that Jews were regarded and referred to as Palestinians long before the PLO, the PA and Hamas ethnically cleansed the expression to rid it of any Jewish heritage. Just as in the present age the term "Arab" means (with very few exceptions) Arab Muslim, so too, before Yasser Arafat's fictionalization of Middle Eastern history, the term Palestinian could have referred to either an Arab or a Jew.

Before Arafat, there never existed a Palestinian people who were Muslim exclusively. There is no historical record of such a people. Abbas' present attempt to prevaricate Jewish history into extinction is an obvious counterpoise to the depth of a Jewish history that far outweighs the transient existence of the exclusively Muslim "Palestinian," an invention bootlegged into existence by his predecessor, Yasser Arafat. Tyrants such as these make true the old proverb, "He who would rule must hear and be deaf, see and be blind."

Written by Michael Devolin

*from Alex Grobman's 'the Palestinian Right to Israel'

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