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Michael Devolin

Real Zionists Have Balls
By Michael Devolin
Mar 20, 2013 - 9:37:48 AM

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Not long ago I mentioned to a Jewish university student how I found it unfair that Muslims are permitted to vilify Zionism without any fear of being accused of religious intolerance, yet Jews are condemned for merely recounting publicly Islam's violent tendencies against Jews. I told him that I considered Zionism to be an integral part of Judaism; he responded by informing me that many Jews would find such an observation offensive.

Avi Erlich, in his book Ancient Zionism, writes, "From the beginning, intellectual Zionism implied a confrontation with anti-Zionism." Some people, even those born Jewish, just have a difficult time with the concept of Jews having a country of their own. Most people, with few exceptions, seem to have a touch of the Amalekite in them. If the cause is on behalf of the Arab Muslim, we can pretty well count on it being supported in the UN, whether a dictator given the job of exposing so-called human rights violations in the State of Israel, or a band of benighted "Islamist" savages ushering in the avant-garde Arab Spring to some "toppled" regime in the Middle East. The Western world, and especially the academia and the journalists they send out to proselytize, will get in line to support such escapades with cheers and firecrackers. But let a Jew declare himself an Israeli and a Zionist both, and the entire Amalekite clan is calling for blood.

The problem for Zionists, the real Zionists, is that there are so many Jews who are now become ashamed of real Zionism. Since when should Jews be ashamed of being Zionists? Since Yasser Arafat and the UN made it so uncomfortable? Look at Jewish history and you will see that, as Avi Erlich points out, it has never been comfortable for any Jew to live as a Zionist.

Isn't the story of the Amalekites the defining moment for Zionism? The stragglers were taken down but the main body of Jews carried on into the land of Canaan. But even the stragglers were travelling in the direction of the Promised Land when they were taken down. Those who fell to the Amalekites fell as real Zionists, unlike those Jews who today repudiate the primary definition of their Judaism in order to appease those anti-Semites who don't mind Jews so much as they mind Jews living in a country of their own.

Gershom Gorenberg wrote in his book The Accidental Empire, that "the denouement in Gaza would be determined by its yet-to-be-written sequel." He suggests that the tragic event of Jewish families being forcefully removed from their homes in Gaza was a watershed moment for Israeli Jews, that now they must ask themselves the question, "What kind of Israel do you want?" Gorenberg finishes the paragraph with the fatalistic suggestion that "The answer still lay in the future."

For Jews like Gorenberg, who have repudiated Zionism and instead have come to the conclusion that Judaism is acceptable only so far as it doesn't intrude upon Arab Muslims and Islam's expansionist ideals, there is no future for Jews in Israel when there are Arab Muslims denying them that future. Jews like Gorenberg have less direction than even the stragglers murdered by the Amalekites: at least the stragglers were heading into the land of Israel, Gorenberg and his timid lot are heading out of the land of Israel. These noetic grasshoppers are not trying to reclaim the ancient Jewish identity--they are attempting to erase it.

Israel does not need Jews like Gorenberg. Jews do not survive under a leadership that advocates a sterilization of Judaism. Soviet Jewry did not out-live the Stalin terror because they disowned their connection to the Land of Israel but because they revived it--they were proud of their Jewish heritage and unashamed to be counted among those who believe in the greater good of a Jewish homeland.

Today Zionism is being hidden like a shameful secret by so many Jews. What's to be ashamed of? How did Muslims achieve the impunity to build a mosque atop of the Temple Mount? It surely wasn't from a land for peace deal. So why should Jews, who were promised and consequently given the very land the Temple Mount is built upon, feel ashamed of Zionism, a Torah-ideal and the most defining virtue of Judaism? Why should Jews feel ashamed of building homes on property once inhabited by their ancestors long before the Palestinian Muslim's claim to that property was ever dreamed up?

Whenever the world abandons the Jews to the Hitlers and Stalins of this world, the real Zionists step into the breach. It was never vacillating university students afraid of offending their peers who saved Jews from the destruction wished upon them by their enemies. It is not the Peace Now imbeciles who presently confront the next existential threat to the Jewish people; it is the real Zionists, those Jews who are acutely aware of the only other alternative given them by their enemies, which is total annihilation. These are the Jews who now choose to fight back when the non-Jewish world advises them to lie down and die. And they choose to fight back because they are the real Zionists.

And real Zionists have balls.

Michael Devolin

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Michael Devolin
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