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Michael Devolin
Many Heads But No Brains
By Michael Devolin
Mar 25, 2012 - 6:00:11 AM

Right now the State of Israel faces, in my opinion, the greatest threat in all its history--a threat that is not going away anytime soon, and not without military intervention. To exacerbate this dangerous situation, the entire non-Jewish world is dictating to Israel's Jews how they should placate the madman at the source of this threat, a madman who has proven time and time again that he is totally implacable. Meanwhile, time is running out.

How dare the non-Jewish world, the same non-Jewish world prone to persecuting Jews, advise the wisest of all peoples (and in platitudinous terms no less!) as to how they should deal with yet another madman bent on their destruction! This is the same world that sat back after dinner every night and watched on TV as the Arab Muslim Janjaweed carried out genocide in Darfur against black Africans simply because they were black Africans. Entire villages may have been massacred by these murdering beasts, but hey, the world was entertained after dinner.

During the Gulf War, Israel was told to "stand down," while they were being simultaneously bombarded with missiles (39 Scud missiles to be exact) from Iraq. Avi Shlaim wrote in International Perspectives on the Gulf Conflict, 1999-91 that "...from the beginning to the end of the Gulf War, Israel remained a sitting duck." During his meeting with Dick Cheney and other American officials, Israel's Minister of Defense at the time, Moshe Arens, was told that "...Israel should not pre-empt or respond to an Iraqi attack so as not to splinter the coalition assembled by America against Iraq." America's General Scowcroft told Mr. Arens that Israel shouldn't worry about being refused their request for the Arrow weapon-system as a countermeasure against Iraq's Scud missiles, promising that the USA would deal with the Iraqi missiles themselves. And this refusal after Saddam Hussein had promised to "incinerate half of Israel." At the same time, as Avi Shlaim reveals, a diplomatic resolution was being pondered without the participation of Israel which, to the utter dismay of Israel's Jews, would leave Iraq's military intact should the Arab coalition and the American government convince Saddam Hussein to withdraw from Kuwait.

Today, as I write this, the State of Israel is being bullied again by the non-Jewish world into standing down from pre-empting an attack against Iran, an Islamic theocracy well known for its religiously inspired genocidal threats against the Jews of Israel. Yet again the world--my world in fact (I'm not Jewish)--is dictating to Israel that, no matter what Iran threatens, no matter the measure of their ability to carry out those threats, Israel should engage in "diplomatic measures" and chance it that her entire population will not be exterminated by a nuclear attack from these blood-thirsty anti-Semites presently ruling Iran.

Michael Bell, former Canadian ambassador to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and the Paul Martin Sr. Scholar in International Diplomacy at the University of Windsor, has written recently in the Globe and Mail: "Gut feelings and theoretical constructs can be strongly felt, but most often lead to catastrophe. The law of unintended consequences should be kept in mind regarding Afghanistan, any intervention in Syria and the thought of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities."

Let's "keep in mind" that Afghanistan and Syria pose no immediate threat to Michael Bell or to the University of Windsor. Because he is not living in Tel Aviv, one should not expect Mr. Bell to be concerned with the "unintended consequences" of a nuclear attack from Iran: easy for him to forbid Prime Minister Netanyahu the prudence of even entertaining "the thought of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities." Only a former Canadian ambassador not living in Tel Aviv would be spouting such bromidic counsels to those who do. Ambassadors, after all, in the tradition of fools like Neville Chamberlain, have never been known to hang around for the wars they promised would never transpire.

Fools like Michael Bell advised not so long ago against bombing the rail lines to Auschwitz because they knew they would never have to stand in the trains that travelled there. Today scores of these same fools are demanding the State of Israel abandon the idea of destroying Iran's nuclear facilities because they know they will not be in Israel when the first nuclear war head lands there. So well does the old English proverb enunciate the ineptitude of their selfish chatter: "The mob has many heads but no brains."

Michael Devolin

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