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Michael Devolin
Letter to the Editor Re: Jim Kouri's Article: U.S. Jihad:
By Michael Devolin
Jul 21, 2010 - 12:28:20 AM

Re: Jim Kouri's Article: U.S. Jihad: New Jersey Men Arrested for Conspiring to Commit Terrorist Acts

Abdirahman Ali Gaal is now freely walking the streets of Seattle, Washington, USA. He was extradited to the USA from Montreal where he was arrested on arrival. Mr. Kouri, apparently overlooked this tidbit of information when he informed Magic City readers that Abdirahman Ali Gaal's flight was "diverted to Montreal," as though we accept just anyone up here in Canada, terrorists and all.

Jim Kouri is one of those journalists who, like the anti-Jewish bigot Pat Buchannan, want to portray Canada as a haven for Islamic terrorists, as though the USA doesn't have twice as many terrorists hiding in her midst as we do in Canada. Mr. Kouri is the same "journalist" who a couple of years back portrayed Saudi Arabia in one of his articles as one of those countries "fighting terrorism." Nothing could be further from the truth. But that's what run-of-the-mill journalist are all about: they go with whatever lies are making news, to hell with the truth.

Kouri has no respect for his neighbours to the north. We're getting used to that kind of slander now, especially from Fox News whose talk show host Greg Gutfeld (the Red Eye show) not long ago degraded our Canadian soldiers. These are soldiers who are dying in combat operations in Afghanistan while fighting terrorists the jihadist junkies in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are spawning on a daily basis.

Michael Devolin,
Ontario, Canada

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