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Michael Devolin

Benjamin Netanyahu: Very Much In the Way of Civilization
By Michael Devolin
Aug 13, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

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Israel's ancient kings had a bad habit of killing their opposition. Any Jewish male perceived to be in the way of a future kingship, or an impediment to a newly inherited kingship, he and his entire family were sometimes eliminated post haste. Solomon's assassination of his political foes immediately he became king is probably the most memorable example found in the Tanach.

Today Israel is not ruled by kings, but political opponents are still eliminated at the expense of those Jews who get in the way. In the case of Mr. Netanyahu, those Jews in the way of his political ambitions happen to be the victims--past, present and future--of Palestinian terrorists. Mr. Netanyahu, you see, intends to release from incarceration Palestinian criminals convicted of murdering Israeli Jews. He intends this folly in order to "begin negotiations" with the leader of those terrorists, namely Fatah's Mr. Abbas, and all for the sake of the nationalistic aspirations of other terrorists-in-waiting.

I've read of one Jewish king, Zimri, who, when he realized his future as a king was doomed, burned his palace down upon himself. But Mr. Netanyahu, I believe, has no intention of bringing a palace down upon his own head but only upon those who are in the way of his political aspirations. He is not concerned about the nation of Israel standing or falling. Mr. Netanyahu, it would seem, is only concerned about his own personal future, the rest of the Jews of Israel be damned. For what other reason than personal gain would anyone, especially the leader of a nation of Jews, set free these raving, blood-lusting Muslim lunatics into the arms of those who sent them on their killing spree to begin with? There is no other explanation that I can see.

Agnes Repplier wrote, ""People who cannot recognize a palpable absurdity are very much in the way of civilization." First, the Jewish leaders of Israel sacrifice portions of their country for peace, an unreasonable request from their enemies anyway. But now these same enemies demand of the present Jewish leadership that they sacrifice the lives of how many Jewish men, women and children by setting free these Islamists into the arms of Fatah's leadership who now honour them as heroes. This assures peace? If there ever was a "palpable absurdity very much in the way of civilization," then this ludicrous idea is it.

As countless pundits have pointed out since Ariel Sharon ordered the expulsion of Jews from Gaza, the forced and painful removal of Jewish families from their homes and the simultaneous withdrawal of military personnel only whetted the appetite of Israel's Muslim enemies for more of the same: more suffering for the Jews of Israel and more Jewish land given away to Muslim enemies who never had any intention of making peace with their Jewish neighbours in the first place.

Israel's enemies demand only those concessions which make the Jew more vulnerable to those who also demand a Middle East ethnically cleansed of its Jewish identity. Jonathan S. Tobin summed up the Gaza imbroglio succinctly: "Despite the assurances of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and many of the country's military leaders, Israel's security was compromised by the decision. It led directly to the creation of a Hamas terror state whose existence may not ever be undone. Just as troubling, Israel did not receive one bit of credit from the international community, let alone its foes, for removing every soldier and settler from the area."

So now Netanyahu wants to commit the same folly as did his predecessor Ariel Sharon. Should these terrorists be released from their much deserved incarceration, Israel's security will be greatly compromised, the freedom provided for these animals to commit all over again the very same terrorist crimes against the Jewish population of Israel cannot be undone, and, most regrettably, for its leniency Israel will receive no credit from the international community.

And all the while, just like Ariel Sharon, Mr. Netanyahu exculpates himself from this insanity by promising the Jews of Israel that he's doing the right thing, considering the choices left to him. Too bad for the Jews of Israel he is grasping only at those straws given by a merciless and callous enemy. What kind of vision has such a political leader when the farthest he can see into the future is the satiation of an enemy whose religious objective is the disappearance of his entire people from the face of the earth? Such a leader stands "very much in the way of civilization."

Michael Devolin

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Michael Devolin
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