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Michael Devolin
Anti-Zionists: A Majority for Evil
By Michael Devolin
Apr 21, 2013 - 12:15:35 AM

In Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, the word Quidnunc is defined as a Latin term meaning "a self-important newsmonger and gossip"--an apt description of those Western journalists and academia who have taken up the cause of the extremist Muslim in decrying Zionism as racism.

Zionism was never intended as a merely exclusionary doctrine for merely religious purposes: Zionism is, essentially, a segment of Judaism for the purpose of establishing--and subsequently preserving--a Jewish presence within a small parcel of land large enough to keep Jews safe and unsullied from the bad habits of their enemies.

Unlike Islam and the Muslim extremists, Judaism and the Jews have no wish to indoctrinate the world, but only to inhabit that small parcel of land as delineated in their Torah. But the Western media and the Muslim world say otherwise. They paint Zionism as "colonialism," as "expansionism." These accusers would like to see Zionism and the Jews disappear altogether. But Zionism, true to its purpose, is here to stay.

"Der oilem iz a goilem" goes the Yiddish proverb. The masses are asses. There is no logical reason for Western journalists and academia to publicly condemn Zionism unless, of course, they are unconsciously anti-Jewish. To condemn Zionism is to condemn Judaism also, so why is this obvious fact obfuscated in every Western newspaper whenever there is an innocuous-sounding op-ed published about Israel defense forces defending its citizens and its sovereign territory from terrorist attacks, or about Jews protesting the fact that they are prohibited from worshipping their G-D on the Temple Mount? Is the non-Jewish world really so stupid and obtuse? I would say willful, even guileful, but never stupid and obtuse.

Geoffrey Wheatcroft erroneously surmised that "Zionism was itself a response to antisemitism, to gentile contempt." Wheatcroft, like every other "self-important news monger" who attacks Zionism, submits the argument that Zionism began with Herzl and the pogroms of Eastern Europe and Russia--as though Zionism is nothing but a knee-jerk, Jewish reaction to anti-Jewish hatred. If this were so, there would be no State of Israel, for what Jew would want to live in such a close proximity to their most ruthless enemies? Zionism began long before the Cossacks and the Nazis tried to exterminate the Jews, and it began as a commandment to settle in a land where the Jewish intellect could grow freely within a Jewish community. It just so happens that the parcel of land chosen for this habitation, as delineated in their Torah, is the very land invaded and conquered both by Muslim and Christian armies before the Jewish people conquered it back, namely Israel.

Western journalists have portrayed religious observance, especially Jewish observance, as something shameful and an embarrassment for their envisioned type of intellectual. For them, Aristotle's Ultimate Final Cause does not exist anymore. Anywhere or anything beyond the secular, beyond which this shame and embarrassment prevents them, they have condemned as foolish. Zionism has become their Exempli gratia in the war they have made against all things Jewish. Therefore Zionism is never mentioned as a practical and ancient commandment of the Torah, a commandment as conspicuous and practical as the prohibitions against stealing and murder; instead it is transmogrified as a Jewish evil simply because the political and expansionist objectives of Islam and Christianity have always been given more precedent in the press than the right of the Jew to live safely and securely in the land of Israel.

In Exodus 23:1-3 it is written: "Do not accept a false report, do not extend your hand with the wicked to be a venal witness. Do not be a follower of the majority for evil; and do not respond to a grievance by yielding to the majority to pervert [the law]. Do not glorify a destitute person in his grievance." Regardless how great and eloquent the argument given by Western journalists and academia in support of the Arab Muslim, a.k.a. "the Palestinians," regardless how inconvenient a Muslim invasion of the land so many centuries ago has made the situation for the descendants of those invaders, the fact remains that the land of Israel is the property of the Jewish people. Moreover, it is the tiniest of objectives for the tiniest of nation states, maybe so, but it is the only objective of Zionism, which is that Jews must inhabit the land of Israel in order to fulfil the destiny set out for them by their G-D.

So cry me a river if you must, Norman Finkelstein, if it makes you feel like you can honour your parents while behaving like an anti-Semite; and trounce the Talmud, Israel Shahak, if you feel unburdened from your Jewish identity in doing so, but the reality of the situation between the Palestinians and the State of Israel is this, no matter what the Western media and academia say to the contrary: the land of Israel is Jewish land, and the occupiers are Muslims and not Jews. You have not extended your hand with those who seek to right a wrong but with those whose leadership feels no compunction in perpetuating a religious objective bent on "cleansing" the Middle East of all Jewish identity. You are part of the majority for evil.

Michael Devolin

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