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Michael Devolin
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By Michael Devolin
Jul 11, 2012 - 12:13:36 AM

"Fidelity to large truths often requires betrayal of small ones." -- Peter De Vries.

A Jewish friend recently listed, in order of priority, the issues facing the State of Israel and the Jewish people. At the top of the list, as you might guess, he placed Iran and the intention of the Muslim madmen ruling that country to "wipe Israel off the map." Following in second place were various issues concerning those Christian denominations at this very moment unctuously demeaning the State of Israel and her Jews for not only defending themselves against the terrorist threats of her neighbors, but also for their deeming the idea of an independent Palestinian state as imprudently outrageous.

While I agree that Iran's malefic stratagem for the Jewish people of Israel demands our utmost attention, I also believe that those of the Presbyterian Church in America and the United Church of Canada also demand equal attention as all these issues are tied together into one dangerous conundrum.

No Western power is going to give credence to Israel's arguments against a two state solution (which would be nothing short of an Islamic "Final Solution" for the Jews of Israel) if they are moved in any measure by the slander and delegitimization being shouted from the rooftops by those Christian propaganda machines I mention above. No purchase of truth will be made regarding this pressing matter so long as Presbyterian and United Church clergy are burrowing underneath to bring down the Torah-prescribed ideal of Zionism.

So long as these Christians berate Zionism with any measure of success, there can be no Jewish cause argued, not even the very survival of the Jewish people, without the same taint affixed to it as now darkens the term 'Jew': just as millennia of lies and slander have darkened what should be a proud and dignified title, so, too, the present attempts of these Christian denominations to discredit all Jewish wisdom pertaining to their survival also besmirches the ancient Torah's promise of an exclusively Jewish right to the Land of Israel.

One always hears from journalists the world over the phrase, "Israel's right to exist." I personally wonder why Jews, after over 60 years, are still constricted into using this declaration after fighting for, and becoming, a second sovereign state. Why is the State of Israel's right to exist still being debated in the Western world? I realize Israel's right to exist is continually a subject for debate in the Arab-Muslim world, but this is only because the majority of the Arab-Muslim world wants the Jews of Israel dead and thrown into the sea. But why do Presbyterian and United Church of Canada laity find it necessary to reprove Israel for how she fights Muslim terrorists, or her government's judicious resistance to the ludicrous idea of a Palestinian state (read: Judenrein state), while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge innumerous human rights violations committed by all Islamic governments like Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran?

I believe we must consider all these pressing matters simultaneously when defending Israel and her Jews. We must vigorously contend with those who seek to delegitimize the right of Jewish governments to defend their Jewish citizens against terrorism. We must contend with those who seek to delegitimize the right of Israel's military to make pre-emptive strikes against any country who audaciously and publicly threatens to "wipe Israel off the map." And all the while we must contend with those fools in Iran who portray their lust for war with Israel and the Jewish people as a "just war" and not the total genocide the Arab world hopes it becomes.

It is pointless to argue in favor of Israel making a pre-emptive strike against Iran if the entire world believes the lies Israel's enemies are telling about her. As Confucius wrote, "As you carve and then polish," so we must deal with every pressing matter simultaneously, hoping our efforts (please G-D) pay off in the end. For with our success in bringing to light the small truths, the larger truths, subsequently, will become efficacious; because truths, whether the larger or the smaller, have always been on the side of the Jewish people. All things considered.

Michael Devolin

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