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Michael Devolin
A Most Evident Truth
By Michael Devolin
Sep 4, 2011 - 12:55:33 AM

The Western world is becoming accustomed to hearing and reading about Islamists and their Islam. In my opinion, these particular Muslims practice the purest form of Islam. All others, no matter what sect, no matter how moderate, no matter their country of origin, are a deviation from the Islam delineated in the holy Quran. And I refer to the Quran as "holy" because, as any serious Muslim will tell you, the Quran commands that its prescriptions and proscriptions are to be preserved entire, forbidding a departure of any kind or any measure from its uncompromising ideology. Such religiously instructed intransigence is the reason there will never be a reform movement within the Islamic world and the Muslims who inhabit it.

An issue that greatly concerns me about Islamists and their Islam, regardless of the fact that they represent only a small percentage of Muslims worldwide, is that their hatred of all things Western, and the attendant commentary and violence that propagate such odium, becomes motivator for moderate Muslims to become more like Islamists and less moderate in their behavior--more terrorist and less law-abiding citizen. Canadians cannot admit Muslim immigrants into this country without admitting also, although perhaps inadvertently, the potential terrorists among them. It is a most evident truth that wherever there are Muslim communities, there resides the threat of terrorism also. Whether they exist in Western cities like New York or London or Toronto, or in the cities of countries where Islam is the preponderant religion, like Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan, there you will find also the Islamists who are ready and willing to commit acts of terror.

What you will also find residing in great measure with these Islamists is the Muslim anti-Semitism so plethoric in the Arab Middle East. This is also a most evident truth and, most unfortunately, a reality of Islam not confined only to the Middle East. The German political scientist Matthias Kunzel writes that "It is hard to overlook how hatred imported from Beirut and Gaza resurfaces in the form of daily acts of anti-Semitism in schools and athletic clubs, on streets and in the subway." Not only do we imprudently import their religiously incited terrorism, but also the Muslim immigrant's religiously taught anti-Jewish hatred. This is a hatred reaching back 1400 years, hatred very much a part, not only of the Islamist mindset, but also the consciousness of even the "moderate" Muslim. Western journalists seldom mention this fact, even though it is a most evident truth: it is only Jew-hatred, so why should a non-Jew risk a bright future in journalism because of a human malady that targets only Jews?

Matthias Kuntzel tells of German Muslim students in Berlin refusing to take part in school trips to concentration camp memorials. "During one excursion to the German Historical Museum," he writes, "a group of Muslim youths gathered in front of a replica of a gas chamber in Auschwitz and applauded." A 24 year old Oakville, Ontario resident, Paris Dipersico, was dragged from his bicycle, tied to a tree and beaten unconscious by two Muslim men because of a book he wrote critical of Islam (Wake Up Call). As they were beating him, these zealous Muslims called him "Jew!" in Arabic (as though being Jewish is a sin) and told him that "the Jews are paying you to write this against Islam." Such devotion!

Tacitus wrote, "Where they make a desert, they call it peace." I have no idea who Tacitus was writing about, but the statement fits the Arab Muslim world perfectly. They will have peace with the rest of the world maybe, but definitely never with the Jews. And this is no peace at all. This shameless impasse is also a most evident truth, but it is a truth only the most prudent of this world are honest enough to acknowledge. Fools like Mayor Bloomberg and others who encourage and defend the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City have closed their eyes to it. Those who refuse to connect the dots between the religion of Islam proper and the scourge of Islamist terrorism will never see, as do many of Israel's Jews see, the utter futility of ever believing for one minute that Arab Muslims (including the so-called "Palestinians") are willing to even imagine a future of peaceful relations with the State of Israel. Israel's Jews realize that the most evident truth about their Arab Muslim neighbors is that there is no truth in their promises of peace.

Michael Devolin

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