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Michael Devolin
A Fresh Invasion of Savages
By Michael Devolin
Aug 3, 2011 - 12:23:01 AM

The only lesson we have learned from the madman in Norway is that not all terrorists are Muslim: about one percent of them are otherwise. The Western media would like us to believe that Anders Behring Breivik has many cohorts just waiting in the wings to act out the same acts of violence and terrorism as did Breivik, but that's just not true. What is true is that Breivik was a lone wolf who believed his country and its cultural traditions were disintegrating. He believed that Islam and Muslims were the elemental root cause of this disintegration. Whether or not he was a Christian is irrelevant since his actions were borne of a nationalistic fervor and not in any measure of a religious zeal.

Of course, the Western media has branded Mr. Breivik a "Christian fundamentalist," but this is simply their longing to find, finally, upon the face of the earth a match, no matter how singular or bizarre, for Islam's terror campaign into the Western world. It is so much easier for them to brand all those conservative-minded thinkers as the cause of this tragedy in Norway instead of finally admitting publicly that these same conservative-minded thinkers have long ago realized that Islam is not welcomed in the West and that the intrusion of a religion so violently aggressive in its own world and so assertively litigious in ours will never be completely tolerated or appreciated by normal people, never mind by madmen like Anders Breivik.

Gert Wilders' only transgression is certainly not that he's been mendacious or intolerant or that his message has ever been an incitement to terrorism, but rather that his warnings to the Western world about the insidiousness of Islam and its traditional Muslim anti-Semitism were never loud enough to be heard above the obtuse and clamorous din of a Western media so blindly apologetic and imprudent as to never listen to him. Christopher Hitchens opines that "populists of the Geert Wilders stripe in Holland seek respectability by standing up for Israel, often against criticism from the multi-culti left." As much as I admire Christopher Hitchens, as a writer who has appealed to a largely anti-religious but formerly phobic audience more than any other writer I know of, he should be more careful about whom he labels a populist. Geert Wilders has never begged respectability from anyone but rather has always relied on his own, which is to be found (as is Christopher Hitchen's) in his faithfulness to the truth. Wilder's defense of Israel and the Jewish people is simply and merely his delineation of Islam's innate anti-Jewish sentiment. It is nothing more than that. Sometimes honesty is such a simple virtue.

Hervey Allen wrote, "Each new generation is a fresh invasion of savages." Anders Breivik is one of these savages, but he is not of the majority. When one remembers the Beslan massacre in Russia, 9/11, the London bus bombings, the massacre in Bali (where Orthodox Jews were targeted especially), the Fort Hood massacre, or any number of indiscriminate terrorist attacks against Muslim civilians in any country where Islam is the preponderant religion, one is confronted with the realization that Muslim terrorists far outnumber insane nationalists like Anders Breivik. And although the "multi-culti left" and the Western media had no justification to appellate Breivik as a "Christian fundamentalist," they did so anyhow. They think and write as a majority also, although being a majority has never been an indicator of the truth. It is often a signal of the opposite. "Der oilem iz a goilem," as the Yiddish proverb proclaims. The masses are asses.

The truth is that Christian fundamentalists are not in the habit of killing their own. Muslim fundamentalists are. Christian fundamentalists are a rather suspicious and simplistic bunch, but they're not notorious for murdering children. Muslim fundamentalists are. The numbers indicate (and numbers never lie) that Anders Breivik, even if he is a Christian fundamentalist, is an anomaly. Numbers also indicate that the Chechen Muslims who murdered over a hundred children in Beslan were not of a remarkable religious tendency. They were of the norm in the world of Islam. The Western media and the "multi-culti left" would deny this, but it's the truth. Very often the truth is not permitted where it belongs, which is out in the open. Geert Wilders knows this. So does Christopher Hitchens.

The truth is that the savages we see and read about on the front pages of Western newspapers today are not emanating from the "populists of the Geert Wilders stripe" but from Islamic fundamentalist circles. As difficult as that may be for Western journalists and Islam's apologists to acknowledge, who enjoy the long leg-room of modern sophisms, safely ensconced within our Academia and media serfdoms, it is an empirical verity. It is that mental virus I often refer to as veridical Islam: the Islam that exists in the world today, not the Islam promised us by grim-faced clerics who also promise death to those who criticize their religion or caricature their Prophet. These are the "new generation" presently obtruding into the Western world, and their "fresh invasion" of our traditions and cultures should be observed and discerned with far more criticism and freedom of speech than is presently allowed. Modern Christian fundamentalism is neither a problem nor a threat, but Islam and the violent fundamentalists it creates are.

Michael Devolin

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