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Matt McDonald

One Man & One Woman in a Christian Nation
By Matt McDonald
May 26, 2005 - 5:46:00 PM

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I believe that some light needs to shed on Mr. Farr's letter on the constitutional amendment to define marriage as one man and one woman, so I am going use this editorial to shed that light.

Let's examine his first paragraph. In this paragraph Mr. Farr states two things very clearly: first, America is at war with a "nation of Muslim extremists;" and secondly, "our politicians are working very hard to make our country a Christian extremist state." Upon a thorough examination of these statements one comes to a quick conclusion that neither of these statements are true.

First of all, America is not at war with a "nation of Muslim extremists". Yes, America does have troops in Afghanistan and Iraq; and yes, America did lead a coalition of troops to overturn the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, but do not confuse those acts with America being at war with either of those countries. If America was at war with these countries, why would we be investing so much into them? We are training their armies, rebuilding their schools, medical centers, bridges and roads and we are helping them establish a democratic government. No, America is not at war with a "nation of Muslim extremists," but America is certainly at war.

Who are we are at war with? We are at war with a network of terrorists who hijacked their religion so that they can propagate their anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-democracy views through any means necessary. This was made very clear on September 11th, 2001 when a network of terrorists hijacked two commercial airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Towers. We are war with a handful of people who would like nothing more than to see America and the great freedoms that Americans enjoy destroyed and replaced with theocratic dictatorship.

Next Mr. Farr states that "our politicians are working very hard to make our country a Christian extremist state." Now this statement might sound good to those who are not part of the "religious right," but this statement is full of holes and has no foundation. There is not one Senator, one person in Congress, or one person in the administration of President George W. Bush who is trying to make America a Christian extremist State. There is not a bill or a piece of legislation that is trying to get passed that is trying to make America a Christian extremist State. While one could not argue the fact that President Bush is certainly devoted to his religion, he is in no way trying to push his beliefs on the country anymore then President Clinton did, or any other of America's past Presidents have. Yes the President does encourage people of faith; Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu a like to attend and be faithful to their church, synagogue or temple and he also encourages Americans, wither religious or not religious, to be compassionate towards one another and that we should help those who are less fortunate in our society. These ideas are certainly not inclusive to Christianity, but are principles that cross religious boundaries and are good principles that can be found in any healthy society.

In his second paragraph Mr. Farr first questions whether or not these Christian extremists are "homophobes" and then he goes on to state that he has a constitutional right to marry who he wants and that the government "wants to be able to dictate to us who we may marry." Well, what Mr. Farr does not know is that in order to be a "homophobe" one must believe that heterosexuality and homosexuality are equal, when in fact they are not. Without going into the ethical and moral arguments against the homosexual lifestyle, one could use numerous studies by both the psychological community and the scientific community that have proven that living a homosexual lifestyle is a detriment to both a person's mental and physical well being, and that those who live a heterosexual lifestyle and engage in a monogamous relationship are apt to live a longer and healthier life. One lifestyle produces diseases while the other produces life. There is a clear difference between the two lifestyles.

Next, there is his statement about how "he has a constitutional right to marry who he wants and how the government wants to be able to dictate to us who we may marry." Now I am willing to admit that I am no constitutional expert, but as I look over a copy of the Constitution that I have hanging in my office, I see nothing there about granting Americans the right to marry who they want. I read about our freedom of speech and how we have the right to worship whoever and however we want. I read about how we have the right to be free from certain taxes, and how we have the right to be free from tyrannical judges, but I see nothing about the right to marry who we want. There is nothing in the Constitution of the United States that grants a person the right to marry whoever they wish to marry. The question then could be asked, "Why wasn't marriage mentioned in the Constituation?" Because not one of the Founding Fathers who signed the Constituation understood marriage to be anything but the coming together of one man and one woman for the purpose of living in a monogamious relationship.

In the third paragraph, Mr. Farr states that there is an agenda by those people, no doubt talking about President Bush and his administration, to tell people how and who to worship and if a person does not worship in that way they will be labeled an infidel. As I am writing this piece, Fox News is live at the White House and President Bush is holding a press conference with President Abbas, the leader of Palastenian Authority. President Bush is talking about how in Israel and in the Middle East, with hardwork, there can be peace between Jew, Christian and Muslim a like and how people of those religions can operate together under the banner of freedom and democracy. As I made it clear earlier in this piece, President Bush is a devout Christian, and so are many of those who are in his staff and administration, but not once has President Bush spoke ill of Islam or Judiasm. In fact, in many of his speeches, he has refered to Islam as a "religion of peace" and he made a visit to Jerusalem and the Western Wall, the holiest site of Judiasm to show his support of the Jewish community of the world. There is no doubt that President Bush has made a great attempt to outreach a hand of friendship to those who practice a different religion then that he practices.

In the fourth paragraph, Mr. Farr ask the question, "What about those abortion martyrs?," then he voices his concerns about those who murder abortion doctors and blow up abortion clinics. I honestly wish people cared for those aborted babies as much as Mr. Farr cares for those abortion doctors and those who work for the abortion clinics. Then maybe the thirty-five million or so babies who have been murdered in abortion clinics would still be alive today.

Mr. Farr saved his best for last when, in his last paragraph, he said: "When we allow one religious faction to meddle with our Constitution, trouble could follow." Like I said earlier in this piece, I am not a Constitutional expert, but as a student of history I understand that out of all the men who signed the Constitution of the United States, none were Muslim, none were Buddhist, none where Hindu; and most of them, ninety-five percent of them, were Christians and many of them held degrees from a Christian Seminary. Whether liberals like it or not, whether those who wish to re-write history like it or not, whether the United Nations like it or not, Christians and God-fearing men wrote the Constitution of the United States of America. That is why many of the articles in the Constituation are principles that can be found in the Bible. For more information on this subject, you can refer to a great organization by the name of Wallbuilders International, headed by a man named David Barton (

I hope this help shed some light on Mr. Farr's letter. It just proves my point that people are still mad that President Bush won his election with the largest amount of votes in Presidential election history and that the liberals of America are realizing that their ship is sinking.

-- Matthew T. McDonald

Matthew McDonald can be reached at

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Matt McDonald
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