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Matt McDonald

Democrats: The Anti-American Party
By Matt McDonald
Jun 10, 2005 - 9:56:00 AM

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This editorial is a response to Mr. Crocketts piece entitled, "Republicans:The Anti-Christian, Christian Party"

I believe that Mr. Crockett is confused on some issues and, being the good Republican that I am, I would like to shed a little light on what he is saying and maybe help educate him on few issues that he brought up in his article.

In this first part of his article Mr. Crockett gives his approval of what Howard Dean, the Chair of the DNC, said this week when Dean said that the Republican Party is "pretty much a white Christian Party" and then goes on to explain how he thinks that Dean was not hard enough on the Republicans because they are calling themselves a "Christian Party" but are not promoting a Christian agenda.

In order to make a clear judgment on the statement of Howard Dean, we must as intelligent Americans, look at some of the other things that Dean has said, so that we do not take what he said out of the context of how Howard Dean thinks. In the last week or so, Howard Dean not only has made the comment about how the Republicans are "pretty much a white Christian Party," but he has said things like:

  • "Republicans are not very friendly towards different kinds of people."
  • "They've [the Republican Party] have gone out of their way to use other kinds of people as scapegoats in order to win elections."
  • "They [The Republican Party] are out of the mainstream. They have not included a lot of people in their party who are incredibly important to America;" and my personal favorite,
  • "Most Republicans have never worked an honest day in their lives."

In light of these statements by Howard Dean, one can only come to the conclusion that he is a liberal left wing Democrat who is so far out of the mainstream of America and how Americans think that he makes Hillary Clinton look like a moderate.

If anything, the Democratic Party is the party of the "white Christians," and they are certainly the party that is "not very friendly towards different kinds of people." To validate these points, one only has to look into who serves in the Democratic party and who does the Democratic party serve.

Who serves in the Democratic Party? Well let's look to the U.S. Senate. In the Senate you will find a Democratic Senator by name of Robert C. Byrd. Senator Byrd is a seven term Senator from West Virginia who was in the Ku Klux Klan as a young man and who penned a letter to the late Mississippi Senator Theodore Bilbo, in which he said, "Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds." A Senior Senator working in the Leadership of the Senate Democrats was a card carrying member of the KKK, and is on record for saying he would rather see the American flag trampled in the dirt never to raise again then to see America degraded by people of race. Do you see leaders in the GOP wearing the white hooded robe of the Ku Klux Klan? Do you read of accounts of anyone in the leadership the the GOP writing about how they would rather die a thousand deaths then to see people of color integrated into American society?

Then there is the question, who does the Democratic Party serve? Well the leadership of the party, and certainly Howard Dean as its spokesman, would want you and I, as the average American, to think that they serve the minorities,the poor and downtrodden of society; and that they are more kind towards women and women's issues. This is a political joke which insults the very intelligence of the average American. The Democratic Party serves no one but left wing liberal pseudo-elitists who do not care one dime about minorities, do not care one dime about the poor and downtrodden of society, and certainly do not care one dime about women. These conclusions can be proven by the actions of the Democratic Party. Recently the Dems have been fighting tooth and nail over the judicial nomination of Janice Rodger Brown. Brown is a African-American woman who serves on the Supreme Court of California. Her parents where sharecroppers and she became the first African-American to serve on the California Supreme Court. So do you thnk the Democrats would support this woman? Do you think that they would stick to their image of being the party the helps minorities and women? No, of coarse not. Why? Because the image that the Democrats would like to foster and who they really are do not match. Let us look at another, not so well known example of the Dems not helping those who they say they support. In 2002, in the State of New York, the Dems had a man by the name of Carl McCall running against current New York governor George Pataki. Carl McCall was a more then qualified candidate for the Democrats in New York to run against Pataki, but by the end of the election, the DNC had pulled its funding for Carl McCall - not because he wasn't a good candidate, or because he made bad decisions, but because he was an African-American and the DNC determined that, due to his race, he probably didn't have a good chance of winning. The Party of the minorities the Democrats are not.

On the other hand, there is the Republican Party. Under the Bush Administration, there are more minorities in positions of leadership in government than during any other administration. People like Alberto Gonzales, Condi Rice, and Colin Powell just to name a few.

Back to Mr.. Crockett's article. In his short, six-paragraph piece, he uses the word "Christian" twenty-two times. This proves the point to me that he, like most liberals in America, is not scared of terrorists, he is not scared of the threat of illegal immigrants, he is not scared of North Korea and the threat of a nuclear bomb, but he is scared of what Christians will do to America and to our government. He is concerned that Christians, and especially those "right winged" Christians, are going to take over the government and overthrow it, replacing the liberal progressive ways with more conservative ways.

He is, no doubt, concerned that Christians are going to help return America to the way that the Founding Fathers intended our country to be - where the God of the Bible and prayer are returned to public places and schools, where morals and ethics are taught to children instead of how to put a condom on a banana, where political correctness does not overrule common sense, where the homosexual agenda is not tolerated or needed, and where the importance of family as one man and one woman is taught and respected once again. As a liberal, Mr. Crockett is right to be concerned about the right-winged Christian groups, because they are taking over. Everyday, the liberal Democrats are losing ground because the American mainstream is finally realizing that the the liberals have nothing to offer the people of America but higher taxes, socialism, judges who do not interpret the law in light of the U.S. Constitution, and the driving need to remove anything related to Judeo-Christian morals and ethics. Meanwhile, the right-winged Christians are offering issues that are of concern to the mainstream of America - issues such as the importance of religion in government, the importance of the traditional family, the importance of having conservative federal judges, and the importance of not living in a country where the citizens have to pay unreasonably high taxes.

Finally, Mr. Crockett suggests that the Republican agenda financially benefits the rich and powerful and not the poor and helpless. Being the multifunctional President that President Bush is, he and his administration has made it so that people from both sides of the economic spectrum can benefit from his administration's agenda. Under this administration, the United States of America has literally given hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars for poverty relief efforts both here in the States and overseas. Under President Bush's faith based programs, charities and places of worship have more ability to serve those less fortunate in society. Then on the other hand, those who know how to make money and create jobs have, under this administration, been given great tax relief so that they can invest back into the economy and use the money they are saving to create well-paying jobs.

Crockett's article demonstrates that liberal Democrats have nothing to offer this country, and that their leadership and followers are starting to realize this fact. Their only answer to every problem is "It's President Bush's fault," or - "If George Bush wasn't President this would have never happened." Instead of taking their loss like mature adults and working on bi-partisan solutions to issues such as social security, energy reform, tax relief, National Defense, and America's terrible illegal immigrant problems, they are still crying that John Kerry isn't president.

Mr. Crockett proves my theory that the liberals are still mad after a year and a half that George W Bush is still President and that they have no hope for the future of their party.
Matt McDonald can be reached at

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