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Marty Lich

The Three R's - Rumors, Raids and Reactions
By Marty Lich
Jul 22, 2004 - 8:45:00 PM

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Opening Act:  Take One;  Aspen, Colorado - but could be Anytown, USA.

Latinos sound off on Raid Rumors, by Katie Clary, July 20, 2004, The Aspen Times ...

"When Gabby heard rumors of immigration raids last week, she stayed inside her midvalley home for two days. Four months pregnant with her first child, the young mother-to-be sat in a bus stop, hands clasped on her slightly swollen stomach. Soft-spoken and urgent at the same time, she said in Spanish: "I'm worried they'll carry us off."

Reading stories such as Gabby’s, the young illegal alien mother–to-be and her fear of leaving her house, fearful that "authorities will swoop down" is enough to make any of us say “Oh that sounds so sad."

This baby Gabby is carrying will certainly be born an American citizen if Gabby is not deported home before the child’s birth. But not because “We are all Americans” as Gabby stated. Illegal immigrants from North America, South American and Central America are not United States of America citizens in spite of what they may believe by mistake. Our nation is located in the North America Continent. North America encompasses 15 other separate nations, countries that have their own borders and entrance laws. As such, this does not give all 36 nations located within North, South or Central America the right to enter each other's country at free will. Mexico, for example, does not allow unbridled immigration from their southern neighbors. In fact they enforce with gusto their southern borders, enforced by machine guns.

As this baby Gabby is carrying will likely be born in the United States of America, this American citizen baby and mother will be entitled to all United States taxpayer welfare (TANF) money Should the baby and mother choose to move back to their home, this welfare money will be mailed to them. Per the United States Census Bureau, illegal aliens make good use of our welfare program by putting their American-born children on public assistance. In California, nearly twice as many welfare cases are for the children of illegal aliens. The 2000 US Census Bureau data puts the cost of welfare aid for illegal aliens after subtracting their tax contributions at a staggering 26 billion dollars a year paid for by American taxpayers. Legal immigrants have their own welfare cost tracked data. This American -born baby will also have the dubious title of “Anchor baby” for the simple reason that if Gabby is not deported before this baby’s birth, she will be virtually untouchable as far as deportation goes. Her child will by law, have the additional capability to sponsor 18 extended members of his or her extended family for immediate and full United States citizenship. The 3000 illegal aliens entering our country per day pencils out to a annual illegal migration flow of one million, ninety thousand illegal entrants a year. Of these illegal aliens, on average they will give birth to an additional 90,854.4 new American citizens in one year. And these 90,854.4 new citizens can sponsor one million six hundred thousand new immigrants. One years worth of additional population due to illegal alien babies being born here. To say the threat of deportation upsets the illegal alien people's routines and lives is a factual statement I am sure, particularly after considering the above-mentioned facts. But I wouldn't say hiding from authorities because they are without papers "is a curse." I would respectfully submit that is what most people who knowingly break the law do. Hide from the authorities.

Opening Act: Take Two; Orange County, California - but could be Anytown, USA.

The Immigrant Gang Plague, by Heather Mac Donald; Summer 2004, The Manhattan Institute ...

"The constant inflow of barely literate recent Mexican arrivals unquestionably brings down Hispanic education levels. “Hispanic parents are the kind of parents that leave it to others,” explains an unwed Salvadoran welfare mother in Santa Ana. “We don’t get that involved.” Few of the American-born students I spoke to in Southern California identified  themselves as “American.” Many said they were “Mexican,” “Latino,” or “Mexican-American” - usages encouraged by the multicultural dogma  in the schools, a far cry from the Americanization efforts of classrooms a century ago."

I would also say this allowed and massive illegal immigration upsets legal American residents lives and routines and saying that would be an understatement. What is our children's quality of life going to be in the United States of America if our govenrment and our corporation’s a continue to press for massive slave-labor immigration here, while passing the dollar costs onto the American taxpayer? We all are experiencing the fallout of unstamped massive immigration in our schools. In the school calendar year 1999-2000 about 8 million of the total 53 million K-12th grade students in the U.S. were the offspring of immigrants, both legal and illegal. Consider that this K-12 growth number of 8 million is equal to all of the growth in K-12 school population in the past 20 years. Mull over as well the costs and the impact on your own children in our tax-funded public schools. The average taxpayer cost in America for each student is $8,000 per year. Add a 'Specials' class such as English Language Acquisition (ELA) and you can pump that dollar figure up to $18,000 per year, per student. Who pays the price in the long run? Besides the state taxpayers, our children do. Something, somewhere, is cut in school services to adjust to this additional tax burden. Remove 200 illegal alien students for one year from your public school and your taxpayers would save 3 million, 600 thousand dollars in education costs for that school year. How many books, or how many teachers would that fund for legal students living in your district? Have you asked? Did you even consider it while considering these illegal alien mothers-to-be sad plights? While these companies are lowering their costs by paying lower wages, American taxpayer shoulder the financial burden of these employees birth's and pursuant health and welfare care. Your head of lettuce may go up if illegal alien employees are deported, but our tax rate will go down disproportionately.

In the United States of America, entering our country illegally or by visa overstay is a criminal, not civil, offense. Perhaps part of the problem with our local police not wanting to arrest and deport illegal aliens is misinformation regarding immigration laws. Under U.S.federal code 8 U.S.C.1325, immigration violations are a misdemeanor crime punishable under U.S. Code Title 18. I. The law states that the first offense of illegal U.S. entry is a misdemeanor, second and further offenses, a felony. Public Law 104-208 authorized the state attorney general to deputize local and state law enforcement personnel to assist in the identification, detention and deportation of illegal aliens. Enactment of the law was in 1997. Per a local immigration attorney that is factual information. Per our United States Government Codes, again, yes that is factual. These misdemeanor offences are in fact, misdemeanor crimes. Misdemeanors are criminal offences, not civil offences. Civil violations are punishable though civil court and usually include payment of fines. Criminal charges are punishable through jail time and in the case of illegal entry or overstay, deportation from our country. The companies that employ these people are aiding and abetting under Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A (a)(1)(A)

“Alien to . . . reside . . . knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such . . . residence is . . . in violation of law, shall be punished as provided . . . for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs . . . fined under title 18 . . . imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both."

Non-profit organizations are not exempted from felony prosecution. Neither is local town government. And the legal residents whose lives are impacted by the encouraged presence of illegal aliens can sue under the RICO law and win dollar judgments against all three mentioned entities.

By not enforcing our immigration laws, by not going after the companies and the government officials with regards to these law violations, our country is destined to become the epitome of what these people are fleeing from. Corrupt and lawless. As was stated by one illegal entrant in Ms. Katie Clary’s article, 'Yeah. I'm not scared. [If I get deported] I'll be back in two weeks.'" that demonstrates that there is no respect for our laws. Think carefully about America's future. Your children and grandchildren’s future. We are currently a nation based on the Rule of the Law. Currently.

Once again, Gabby's story sounds so sad. And even sadder, the majority of the American public must now ask our government "Why was it a rumor only?"

Marty Lich

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Marty Lich
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