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Marty Lich

Terrorists to the East, Terrorists to the West
By Marty Lich
Feb 1, 2005 - 8:08:00 AM

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Where do you all fit in the Big East-West Picture?

I read the following in the Denver Post today: DMV flawed, ex-clerk alleges Accused worker: Fraud rampant: “A woman accused of illegally selling Colorado driver's licenses…” I immediately wrote and asked the two reporters, Michael Riley ( and Alicia Caldwell (

“Do the porous borders concern you all? Yet?” The Denver post is inherently pro-illegal orientated, so I hope I receive a reply.

Now I will ask the rest of you, do the porous borders concern you? Yet?

We are quite aware they are of little concern to our president. He seems to operate under the kind-hearted and false belief that we can secure all identities and therefore secure America simply by legalizing all illegal aliens who are breaking the laws of America right now. Why would al- Qaida cells reveal their true identities to us? Why would we believe they would? Why would our president think any of us would accept this? Why isn’t he worried about us? Concerned for the innocent families living in the United States? He should be.

I worry, with reason. Do you worry, even without a reason? Here are some reasons for you to begin worrying. All articles linked below are from this past spring to date. I have more, many many more, articles and data archived. Including the employees working at both Denver International Airport and the Air Force Academy, spring of 2003, who were issued security passes. One was a pilot. All were identified illegal aliens using stolen or fake documents. Most fled following the ‘busts’ and prior to the scheduled immigration hearings. They are somewhere in the United States of America, just not using security badges and flying planes in Colorado. At least I don’t think they are. Here in Colorado that is.

Please read on. Education is the key to success. And conversely as Ye Olde Editor (Ken Anderson) said today, “It's awfully hard to breathe when your head is stuck in the sand”

And then ask yourself, where are you? Educated and ready to speak up? Or suffocating under ignorance?

Transcript of English Translation of Spanish al Qaida Operatives
12:27 p.m. August 25, 2004

Al-Qaida Said to Recruit in Latin America
Associated Press Writer
Aug 21, 2004 11:54 PM EDT

Arab terrorists 'are getting into the US over Mexican border'
By Julian Coman in Washington
(Filed: 15/08/2004)

Cause for Concern? Officials Fear Terrorists Could Try to Enter U.S. Through Mexico
By Pierre Thomas July 7, 2004

Feds Arrest Al-Qaeda Sleeper Agent In Queens
Wednesday, July 28, 2004

7 al-Qaida Suspects Sought in Attack Plan
Wed May 26, 2004 7:46 PM ET
By CURT ANDERSON, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON - America's top law enforcement officials urged the public Wednesday to help the FBI (news - web sites) track down seven suspected al-Qaida operatives and avert an attack on U.S. soil

Who Left the Door Open?
Nov. 1, 2004 Millions of illegal aliens will pour across the U.S.-Mexican border this year, many from countries hostile to America Despite all the talk of homeland security, sneaking into the U.S. is scandalously easy–and on the rise.

Pakistani National Arrested In N.C. On Immigration Charges
POSTED: 12:36 pm EDT August 10, 2004

Alleged migrant smuggler arrested in Mexicali  August 8, 2004

And finally, consider this from el Andar, a Latino magazine
The disturbing ties of some of George W. Bush’s Latino advisors

The “George W. Bush for President” website stated the following: “Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres. Or in English, “Tell me who you side with and I will tell you who you are.”

To answer President Bush, “who I am” is with the anti-illegal close the borders crowd so I suppose that makes me on the “I do not want another 9-11” side.

Which side is your side? Will President Bush tell you who you are? Or will you tell him.

Marty Lich can be reached at

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Marty Lich
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