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Marty Lich

Shame on me, or Shame on you?
By Marty Lich
Nov 30, 2004 - 9:36:00 AM

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Games people living in America play.

Ever notice when it comes to bad behaviors or shameful acts or lawbreaking in general, people are appropriately appalled and put on the front of righteous indignation?

Until it comes to cleaning up their own backyard. While behaving in  righteous indignation they are actual active participants in the law-breaking behaviors. Makes one wonder about the human race, human nature and life in general. In my case, the things people say, write or email to me (which is rather stupid of them as it is public record then) and they do this in spite of my somewhat well-known beliefs on illegal immigration in the United States amaze me. In reality, that word “amaze” doesn’t quite set the stage for how I react to them when these cards are laid upon my social table. Awed? No. Shocked, maybe. Appalled? Oh yes, that describes it well.'

I have several close friends who are fellow "flee’rs" from Southern California. They fled to find work in Colorado. Most specifically, they fled to find work that paid well in Colorado from California. They fled, not because they do not like the beach, as they do like the beach; they fled California because the construction trades and drywaller’s trades and roofer’s trades have all been reduced (undermined) to cash jobs at indigent poverty levels. These levels are so low that my friends could not feed their families on what their companies were making in California, and so they left. They all attribute it to the under-the-table cash paid to an uninsured illegal alien workforce; and as my husband is also a former California refugee, I find their stories believable. It is the reason my family is now classified as Colorado residents.

But back to these friends, who 6, 7, 8 years ago arrived in Colorado, the promised land of growth, green pastures, and few illegal alien workers and undermining employers. My friends praised the high heavens for the jobs here that paid a fair wage and enabled them to support their families. They have all praised this and have done well for themselves here in our little valley, except that the hardworking honest illegal alien workforce has found Colorado’s grass is also green year-round and so they are now here as well. So my friends, who again are semi-intelligent people with large mouth tendencies, tell me that while they hate to do this, hate to hire illegals to work for them, because they hate to cheat, but it is the only way they can now compete in their job bidding, and so they are hiring illegal aliens to work for them, fake Social Security and fake Green Cards and all. Besides which, they do not have to pay Workman’s Compensation on these employees, which saves them a big bundle of money. If the employees get hurt; oh well, the taxpayers will foot the bill and no one will be the wiser. Except me, of course. I am the wiser now. Still, they tell me this. They are the epitome of what they say they fled from. Cheaters, abusers of our legal system and of our open trade market. These employers  will be the downfall of the honest employers such as my husband. Yet again, they tell me this.

I write a lot, I talk even more, and I speak up loudly against our porous borders and the danger this poses to Americans. One of the web sites I used to contribute guest commentary to also proclaims loudly how horrible it is, what a threat to America this is, and how they love America, as their family immigrated to America - and yet they go on to say such appalling things in email, such as this: “my first couzin came to the US illegally from Iraq through Mexico. she is my mom's niece. soon my aunt will be here from Iraq via Mexico as well. i am glad that Bush will be granting them legal status. Go USA!!”  To the author, this is admittance of felony aiding and abetting on your part, you do understand this, don’t you? The same is true of casual conversation with friends. To me, these illustrate just how large this threat looms in America’s backyard.

Call me silly, but I believe one cannot have a safe and secure country without secure borders. Those borders include Mexico’s U.S. border for the very reason this emailer stated above. This above mentioned statement is about breaking the law of America,  it admits to an illegal act, yet was typed with apparent pride. As these are people who are close to me, I will not say anything other than shake my head in disgust. Disgust for the illegal act that they are condoning, and disgust for the sheer stupidity of telling me that they are condoning it.

So I say to all of you who like to talk to me, not “Go USA!” Not “go GWB”, and not “of course I understand the ‘why’ behind the why.” I understand it is all about the money and not about whom you take down, what lives you destroy here while you break our American laws and undermine our country’s foundation. I understand who it is you abuse while you break our American laws, and I understand how you cheat all of America when you do this. Your statements, both written and spoken, did not endear me to you. They did not serve to impress me with your business savvy and they did not make me respect you. Your confessions did change my outlook on you as a person, as a son, as a genuine “Proud to be American” American. Who would have ever guessed; who would have dreamed that you, of all people, would proclaim this to me, of all people?

If you, out there in our wonderful country have semi-intelligent friends with big mouths, speak up! Contact your senators and your congressmen. Contact your president and tell him how impressed you are with rewarding illegal behavior. Fax them for free through, call in to the radio show and make your voices heard, loud and clear. Then stand up and fight for what is right at

Because “Do as I say and not as I do” isn’t going to make the grade anymore. It is no longer “Cheat or be cheated”. It is now “Do or die,” a far more serious game of United States Homeland Security wits.

Marty Lich may be contacted at

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Marty Lich
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