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Marty Lich

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
By Marty Lich
Oct 17, 2004 - 3:18:00 PM

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Dear Presidential Hopefuls,

I have been watching the Great Debates on my television and I have been patiently waiting for the Dare Not Speak Of It in Polite Company subject of illegal immigration to rear its ugly but important head.

And it has not reared its ugly head but I am still patiently waiting. Waiting for "Station Identification" to come to a close, the small talk to end and the Real Deal to be brought up. Myself and the majority of American citizens. 80% to be exact. To all of you candidates out there, I believe that 80% represents a strong majority. Also apparent to me is that the majority of the voting American public opinion matters to you not. Lest you quickly sweep these impolite 'dust bunnies' under the local rug of 'Political Correctness', let me remind you that American citizens are watching these political moves , American citizens are intelligent and American citizens are aware that your sworn duties are "For the People" and "By the People", period. We are the "People" of whom I am referring to here. Have you forgotten who we are? We are your American public, we are your United States citizens, we are the very people whom you will swear under oath of office to serve and protect.

The political game of out of sight, out of mind has grown old and we living in America are growing weary.

When one sweeps items of a contentious nature under the rug of extreme diplomacy and political correctness the items are not gone. They are out of sight, yes; however they are not out of mind.

Daily I read of the lack of affordable health care in America, I watch and I listen as you attempt to explain your various philosophies and viewpoints on health care, our burgeoning American crisis. Yet I never hear about what it is costing American taxpayers to fund Mexico's poor that are sent here, as if they are a precious commodity being shipped across our shared border. As if Mexico is bestowing a great service and gifts upon us lowly, lazy American society members. Are we that lazy? Are we that grateful as a society for Mexico's 'gifts' that have been bestowed up on us? Do you realize the costs these gifts of from our porous border extend to Americans struggling to live here in our own country? Do you even care? The Center For Immigration Studies in Washington, DC just released an exhaustive study on illegal alien households and found each illegal alien household costs United States taxpayers $2,700.00 annually, above and beyond what these uninvited aliens pay in taxes by use of our generous welfare services. Dear prospective public servants, that money would purchase a great deal of expensive lettuce, or fund much-needed health care for our families in our country of America.

Again, according to the latest Roper and Zogby polls, 80% of Americans want illegal aliens stopped and deported. Numbers do not lie, in fact these numbers have only grown steadily since the 1970's. How say you, revered public servants,  in response to the 80% of  Americans who ask that our laws be upheld, that our laws be enforced and that our country be protected against both foreign and domestic enemies? Another oath you have taken or that you will take in 2 weeks. American citizens do not ask that new laws be put into place. We are content with the old ones. We ask again that you uphold your duties first and foremost to us, the voting American citizens. The Americans who trust you with our future in our own country.

Because you see, candidate hopefuls, American citizens know the laws of the United States. We have learned all about our Constitution in our American public schools. We have learned about the sworn duties of our elected officials, and we remember. Knowledge is indeed powerful. We are aware that you are not playing the game by the rule that is set before you. The Rule of Law that governs America.

Impolite or unpopular, ugly heads and all, illegal immigration remains a constant American concern, and we will not sweep it under the rug as you have done. We prefer the true clean the house remedy. See the problem, address the problem and then take care of the problem. Do not hide the problem under the Bush Administration guest-worker guise or John F. Kerry instant-amnesty proposal. The problem is still there, just assigned a much more politically correct name such as "Guest Worker", or "Amnestied new citizens". How polite.

I recommend a clean sweep. Much as you have done in Iraq, honorable President Bush.

Come clean with a clean sweep. A clean sweep with your American public and a clean sweep with the invaders residing in America, these voteless and therefore voiceless illegal alien populace.

The contentious and pro-illegal agenda has gotten our attention in America, notably by the majority. Now it is your turn to respond. The ball is in your court, the dust bunnies are residing under your rug. Play by the rules, honor the laws. Respect the citizens of this country. It is all we ask and we expect no less dear Presidential candidates.

It is certain I will stay tuned for the next indentured public servant televised response. I trust it will not be a out of sight, out of mind small talk show. I have faith that this time it will addressed. For I fear if it is swept back under the rug, it will return and rapidly rear its ugly head. Perhaps this time the loathsome beast will be unleashed with full fury. Pay heed, give credence.

"This message was approved by the majority of concerned American citizens"

Marty Lich

Contact her at

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Marty Lich
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